Wednesday, October 10, 2012

My Little Insomniac

Okay... So in the orphanage, the nanny motioned to us that Griffin loves his sleep.  Maybe he loved his sleep in the orphanage because he didn't have much going on around there.  Since coming home to us, I honestly don't think he is getting a full night's rest or even taking much of a nap during the day.  Last night, he was wide awake at 3:30 AM, just a chattering away...laughing...having a good old time!  I put him down for a nap after lunch today and he didn't sleep much, if any at all.  Then when about 5:00 PM rolled around, he became grumpy and tried to shut down for sleep.  He kept making b-lines to his box so that he could hide and sleep. LOL.  No sir!  We kept him up until 7:00 and put him to bed.  We shall see if he sleeps better tonight!  I really hope so!

So today was Griffin's second session of speech.  I chose to leave him with the therapist and took Little G down to the waiting room because she always wants to participate a little too much... Her session wasn't until after his. So when they were done, the therapist said that she got him to say "BOOM!" when he was hitting the drum with the stick.  Well, I have a drum and stick and he didn't want to say it for me but I'm crazy excited to hear this sound from him!  Little G is starting to say some phrases, "I know.", "I do it", "I got it".  Very proud of her.  She has made some very fast progress!

Anyway, this momma is zonked.  I can barely hold my eyes open and it's only 9:00.

More later!

Love and Hugs!

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