Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 6-Update on Chris

Hey y'all!  My awesome friend, Lura, came over at 0600 this morning so that I could hopefully meet the team of doctors as they did their rounds.  Today, his white blood cell count is looking better, the redness is reducing, but the swelling and pain are still full force.  With the reduction of the redness, the doc said that he feels that his pain level should reduce as well.  They are repeating his CT scan to look for a deeper development.  Then they will take him straight in for his PICC line placement.

I got to speak with the team of doctors.  They are still baffled.  Chris' commander was by my side so it was nice to have his support.  He also spoke with the doctors after I was done.  We are tremendously blessed by all of the supportive people in his squadron.  They are truly awesome.

So it's looking like he will have at least a few more days on IV antibiotics unless a miracle occurs.  His arm has still doubled in size, BUT it is looking better.  Now, if we could just get that pain under control!

Want a dude update????

We had OT yesterday for the little ones.  I think I have mentioned this before, but Griffin loves the hammock style swing that hangs from the ceiling.  It is usually tied up out of the way, but the second that Thorston untied it, Griffin made his way over and tried to get in it all by himself.  I LOVE to watch him in that swing.  He can push off, lift his feet, and fly!  He has started twisting his body so that he can change direction and he reminds me of a graceful little fish changing directions in the water.  Graceful and peaceful.  Love it.  Thorston said that he can tell a lot about a child by how they react in that swing.  Little G won't even go near it, which indicates fear, lack of trust, and maybe even stubbornness.  Griffin's willingness to dive in and lift his feet off the ground shows that he is willing to trust easily.  I can totally recognize those things in my children.  Interesting, huh?  He said that since Griffin is enjoying that swing so much, that we can actually put him in it and let him lay there while he does activities on the floor with his hands.  It may keep him more focused.

Also, Griffin can climb up on the rung of a ladder all by himself now!  Thorston has been teaching him to put his hand and foot up on the bars.  Yesterday, Thorston put Griffin's hand on the bar and he immediately lifted his own foot to climb up.  That's progress!  He was able to pull both feet up but didn't have the strength to keep going.  We are working on that.

OH!  My mom is on her way to Germany to help me out!  I am so very thankful that she is coming.  I need her so badly and I can hardly wait to see her!  She is so terribly fearful of flying but she is putting that aside so that she can be with me.  I love her so much!

But anyway, please continue to pray for complete healing for my husband.  Also, please pray for my mother's travels.

More soon!

UPDATE-  Failed attempt at a PICC line at 11:00... will repeat it this evening.   Also,  we are still waiting for the CT scan.

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