Thursday, October 18, 2012

Prayers Needed for my Hubby

Chris has been admitted to the hospital with a joint infection in his elbow.  Fever, chills, nausea, extreme swelling in his arm, etc.  He is absolutely miserable with no help from the pain medicine so he is refusing the pain meds now.  He is on an antibiotic IV and hopefully that will kick in quickly.

Thankfully, I have had friends to step up and help me out.  I was able to join him around 2 this afternoon, once my friend was able to get off work to babysit.  I have another friend who is delivering groceries to me tonight.

Chris went to the ER around 0400 with a temp of 103.  We are very thankful that they are doing a lot of tests to see if something presents itself, finally.  They drew fluid off of his elbow and hopefully we will get those results soon.   He is suppose to go to San Antonio next week to present his case for full medical retirement.

I must admit that I got queasy when I saw him like this.  Breaks my heart.

They are going to keep him overnight for sure.

I'll keep y'all updated!

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