Wednesday, December 26, 2012

An AMAZING Christmas... Part 1

We had such a wonderful Christmas!

Even though Griffin was in the ER on Christmas eve...

Even though Little G was in the ER on Christmas day...

Even though Big G has some kind of eye infection going on...

So what happened?  

As I was delivering food to our friends, the Jepsons, Chris kept the little ones at home.  As he was preparing lunch, Griffin decided to get his toothbrush that was on a high shelf by the changing table.    Over what must have only been 5 minutes max, he climbed onto the couch, onto the back of the couch, onto the changing table, and then stood to reach the shelf where his toothbrush was.  When Chris spotted him, he tried his best to make it to him before Griffin turned and face planted on the changing table with the toothbrush in his mouth.  Blood.Everywhere.  Literally.  Chris called me in a panic and I rushed home right away, loaded him up, and took him to the ER.  Let me just say, this little boy was in extreme pain.  I have never heard him cry this much.  Broke our hearts.  The entire time we were in the ER (for 4 hours), he snuggled into me and would cry, then drift off to sleep, then cry, then drift off again.  The oral surgeon was called in and he said that he didn't feel that there was a need for any kind of treatment and that it should heal quickly.  It was an injury about a cm long at the back of his throat.  We went home and discovered that he refused to eat or drink.  To try to drink from a sippy cup was too painful for him since he had to use his throat muscles to pull the fluid out.  So I took a medicine dropper, laid him down, and got him to drink a very small amount.  I just knew that we would end up on IV fluids on Christmas day unless I could get him to drink more.  Food wasn't an option.  He refused and cried every time he would attempt to swallow.  I managed to get some jello in him.  That night, Griffin slept on a bean bag in the living room with me right by his side.  I couldn't rest at all in fear that his throat would swell.  Little did he know that as he was sleeping, Santa made his visit and delivered his Christmas gifts!  He didn't see a thing.  :-)  

When Griffin woke up, I carried him out of the living room so that we could gather the other children and have them go in together.  When we got Little G up, we noticed that her voice was practically gone.  Great.  As the day went on, she got worse.

We took our time on Christmas.  We let the kids enjoy their santa gifts, then around lunch we opened........

Actually, my kids need some mommy love and I just can't get this finished today!  I will finish it up tomorrow and post some pictures!

Love and Hugs!

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