Friday, December 21, 2012

Chris is Home!

So Chris made it home yesterday and it was so wonderful seeing him walk through that door!  However, it was back to the grind immediately for him.  "Hey, babe!  Welcome home!  Do you mind throwing that dirty diaper out in the trash for me?  Thank you!  We have to hurry because Griffin's Christmas party starts in an hour!  LET'S GO!  Oh, and I made you a popcorn shrimp sandwich!"

BUT...Chris had to spend the night at the hospital last night for a sleep study, so he wasn't able to spend much time with us.

This morning I could hear Griffin stirring in his crib so I knew he was about to wake up.  So as soon as I got Big G off for school, I went up to get him.  His room is completely dark because of the German rolladens that we use.  My eyes weren't adjusted to the dark like his were so I went to the edge of his crib and said good morning to him.  I couldn't see him so I reached my hand into the crib and instantly felt his little hand reach up to grab mine.  Then I could tell that he was smiling by the way the sound of his breath changed.  He stood up and used my hands to rub his head and then I asked him if he was all done.  He signed "all done" and we headed down stairs.  His little arms feel so wonderful around my neck.  This is new and I love it.

I sat him on his potty chair and he's really good at sitting there until I tell him that he can get up.  However, he's figured out a way to work the system!  If there's somewhere he wants to go, he will remain seated on the potty, and will scoot himself to his location of choice!  It's too funny!  If I leave the bathroom door open, he will scoot over and close it.  If I happen to leave the towel drawer open, he will scoot over and close it.  Anything that is out of place has to be put back into place or else he can't "focus".  It's really cute!

But anyway, Christmas break is here now and I'm looking forward to 2 weeks with my kids and hopefully some time to sleep in!  Therapies will go on as usual accept for OT because it falls on the holiday both weeks.  Looking forward to a couch date with the hubs tonight!

Love and Hugs!

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