Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas and Pictures!-Part 2

Part 2-

...and then around lunch we opened all of our gifts to one another and from our families.  Griffin sat in his papa's lap and I helped Little G.  They had a really good time, despite how bad they were all feeling.  Griffin's throat was a wreck, Little G was having a hard time breathing and sounded horribly congested, and Big G's eye was giving her fits.
(I was emailing pictures to my family as they were opening their gifts!  Next year, they can watch them open gifts in person!  Can't wait!)

A little later, the Osbornes, came over for our annual Christmas dinner.  Both of our families cooked our special family meal traditions and sat down to a wonderful dinner.  We had to use the table extender, a leaf?, to give us all enough room around our table.  It was great!  After the Osbornes left, we decided that Chris would take Little G to the ER.  Come to find out, she had the croup and they gave her one dose of steroids to give her some relief.  It did the trick!  Now it seems like she has a regular cold.

What are the Santa items that they scored this year?

Big G got a Barbie house and stocking stuffers.

Little G got an interactive kitchen and stocking stuffers.

Griffin got an interactive tool set and stocking stuffers.

Last night, I woke up to the sound of Griffin struggling to breathe.  I got up, brought him to my bed, and kept an eye on him all night long.  I just knew he was getting the croup, too... However, this morning he wasn't breathing like that at all.  I suppose he could be getting a regular cold.

Big G's eye was even worse this morning and Little G was incredibly grumpy and still not feeling well.  I knew we were going to be off to a bad start when the first word out of her mouth this morning was "See-wool-wool" (cereal) and I had none.  Not a single piece of cereal in this house.  She begged for cereal all day long and papa went to the grocery store after work, specifically for cereal.  Big G had to miss her ballet rehearsal for the 2nd performance of The Nutcracker and will more than likely miss the performance tomorrow night as well.  She's not going to be very happy about that at all!

But anyway, I wanted to write a more elaborate Christmas blog on how wonderfully exciting Christmas was for all of us but I just haven't had the time to do it.  <sigh>  I wish that my children had felt better...  I truly wanted to be able to take Griffin to his first Christmas Eve service at church but he wasn't feeling well at all.  Chris ended up taking Big G to service instead for a nice daddy/daughter date, which was very special.  They enjoyed their time together.  I wanted to give Griffin the best Christmas Eve ever because his life changed on Christmas Eve of 2008...That was the day that he was taken to the orphanage to live for the next 3 1/2 years.  However, he did get to experience the love of a mother as I rocked him to sleep in the recliner and slept by his side all night I suppose that it was his best Christmas Eve yet...Looking forward to many, many more!
(2 of Big G's best friends...the Copous twins!  Thank you, Denise, for the great pictures!)

Thanking my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, for his amazing, beautiful gift of salvation... and praising God for my sweet family.  To God be the Glory!

Love and Hugs!  

PS.  Here are a few from Griffin's class party.  Notice Little G in the gray shirt and pigtails, enjoying circle time like a big girl, as I was keeping Griffin in his chair!

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