Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Big G vs Wild...When Buses Get Stuck

So yesterday, we awoke to huge snowflakes falling out of the sky.  It was very beautiful but I was shocked that our base road conditions didn't reflect what I was seeing on the roads.  We got to the bus stop and noticed that the teenagers hadn't got on their bus yet, which was very unusual.  Big G's bus came and she loaded up and headed to school.  All of the moms (including me) were nervous when we saw the bus take the turn that leads down a huge hill.  I think all of our momma radars were kicking in because it was no time that one of the mothers contacted me to let me know that the bus had gotten stuck at the top of a hill in the snow.  To kill time, I went out and shoveled snow from the drive (German law) while another mother went to assess the situation.  By this time, the bus had been stuck for almost 2 hours!  Thankfully, my friend brought Big G home for me after having to jog through the snow for about 15 minutes in order to actually get to the bus...the traffic had gotten that backed up.

So once Big G had gotten home, it was almost lunch time.  So I called the school and told them that she couldn't get there.  The bus eventually made it but we decided to just have a snow day.  During lunch, she told me about her adventure and it was just hilarious.  2 of the highlights of her story was that the bus driver let them go out into the woods 2 by 2 for a potty break and that they got to eat snacks because they were hungry.  I can only imagine what that bus driver was going through with a bus load of elementary students.  I can just see them all panicking and going for their packed lunches as if they had been stranded for days, starving to death.  I want to gag to think of all of the 'yellow snow' that they were stomping through to find their perfect potty spot.  But anyway, we went outside to play at the park and had hot chocolate, until it was time for her ballet rehearsal.  Little G had her first serious snow time play experience and had a blast on the sleds!  It was a lot of fun!

Today was Griffin's IEP meeting!  Thankfully, I was able to get an extra spot at church for Mother's Day Out for Little G to attend today so that I could go to this meeting in peace!  Worked out perfectly.  I am very impressed with Griffin's schooling and everyone involved in his therapies at his school.  His teacher is awesome and I'm just so excited to get him started!  Well, he's super excited, I'm a bit hesitant because he's still so new to me and doesn't feel old enough to start school.  So we are going to wait until his bus transportation gets worked out before he starts.  That could take up to 10 days, so I bought us a little more time.  <smile>  It could actually stretch out until after the Christmas break and, to be honest, that's when I had initially thought he would be starting school anyway.  I'm very satisfied with the goals they have set for him and I can already tell that he's going to love every minute, accept for the sitting still part.

Yesterday, I told Chris that I felt that Griffin was about to have a breakthrough.  I can see that he has stepped it up a notch with songs and finger-play and it's almost like he's on the verge of doing something more.  And he did!  Last night, as he was sitting on my lap, he signed "Itsy Bitsy Spider".  So we did it again and again and again.  He always wants my hands on his arms, providing no help at all, but just touching him, and he will do the motions...or he wants to help me do the motions.  All of a sudden, as I was doing the motions, he started doing them along with me with no support!  We did the entire song and it was absolutely marvelous!  One of our happiest moments, I would say.  I could see the joy on his own face and that made my heart melt.  However, he only did that one time.  I'm hoping that he has realized that he can do these songs all by himself as I sing them, without my support.  So proud of him and he was very proud of himself!

Just a snippet of our past 2 days.  More later!

Love and Hugs!

Oh!  Thank you, Kelly, for the snow pictures!

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