Thursday, December 13, 2012

Figuring Her Out... Kinda.

So... Little G and I have had two great days together!  We did a lot of running around yesterday to speech appointments and Occupational therapy and I realized at the end of the day that she was excellent!  I was too busy in the moment to realize it until Chris asked me at the end of the day how everything went.

For speech, the minute we got into the hospital, I let her out of the stroller and she ran/walked all the way to the clinic, which is a good little walk for a 2 year old!  Once we were there, I didn't make her get back into the stroller but we kept walking up and down the hallway until it was time for her appointment.  She spotted a lollipop tree in an office and she remembered that there was an open invitation to all of the children to stop by and get one.

She walked cautiously into the office and said, "I want, peese (please)."

The lady asked her, "are you finished with your appointment?"

She responded, "uh uh". (no)

She asked, "Are you being a good girl?"

Little G said, "uh uh". (no)  The lady laughed.

She said, "well, are you going to be a good girl at your appointment?"

Little G said, "uh uh". (no)

The lady told her that she was a good girl for being so honest and asked her if she would like to choose a purple sucker since she was wearing purple.  Little G walked right over and picked the purple one out all on her own!

For Occupational therapy, she was so excited!  She went into the room without me and actually closed the door all on her own.  Thorston gave me a shocked expression when she separated so easily from me.

This morning, she had her early intervention speech at our house.  We reviewed her goals and made new ones, focusing mainly on her behavior with Griffin and helping her to form her words more clearly so that I can understand her.  When I can't understand her, she gets even more frustrated.  I discussed how picky she is for meal times and how stressful it is on me.  I also explained that if I don't fix her a plate, she will eat better when she eats off of my plate.  I can put the same thing on a plate of her own and she won't eat it.  She will also eat food directly off of the stove in the kitchen but will refuse it when she's in her highchair.  We brainstormed a bit and decided that maybe she feels that Griffin is the "baby" and that she shouldn't be treated the same way as him.  Granted, Griffin is smaller than her and we have basically taken him back to the basics of toddlerhood.  It makes sense!  She suggested that I stop using the tray on her highchair and push her directly up to the table.  I'll try anything!

Later, Griffin had preK and had a great time.  (He actually brought home his first art project!)  I had put Little G down for a nap right before he got on the "vus" and she took a very quick one.  So once she woke up, I had about 2 1/2 hours of one on one time with her.  I didn't stress out about her lunch and gave her a fruit cup and a fruit pouch, along with one little triangle of sandwich.  Once she finished the fruit, we went to the living room and played.  I got in the boxes with her, played airplane, threw her around on the couch, and swaddled her tightly in a blankey...she was in heaven!  She absolutely loved having all of my attention.

After Big G got home from school, she asked to take Little G upstairs to play.  Her bedroom is like Disneyland to Little G.  She loves it!  So I told her to make sure that she came downstairs with Little G or call me and I will come get her when she's done.  Well, Little G was a little too fast.  She tried to tackle all of the stairs on her own, while wearing a long Snow White dress, and fell down about 6 steps!  I heard her making the way to the stairs and she started falling before I could stop her.  She sat up, said "uh oh", and let me carry her down the rest of the stairs.  She wasn't phased at all... no pain... no tears... my poor hypo-sensitive baby!  I had to check her all over to make sure she was ok and then she continued on with her craziness.

For dinner, I ordered pizza.  Pizza is not a hit with any of my children but I wanted the night off!  So when it arrived, I prepared their plates, put Little Gs plate on the table, and Little G knew exactly what was happening.  She crawled up into her booster, latched herself in, picked up the pizza, and started chowing down!  She was so excited to be sitting at the big table with us!  She ate 2 slices of pizza!  I'm still amazed.  So hopefully we are on to something!  She was very proud of herself and dinner was much more pleasant.

So with all of this being said, it seems that my Little G is trying to grow up and is becoming more and more independent!  She doesn't want to ride in a stroller anymore and sit in highchairs... she's a big girl now.  Bless her heart.

But anyway, it's been a great day!  I miss my hubby and I'll be glad for him to be home again.  Tomorrow will be a busy day but it will be a good day.  :-)


ps.  This is a test to see if my hubby is reading my blogs... I've been putting the skillets in the dishwasher.


  1. Hooray for pizza and eating at the big people table! I love Griffin's art project with those little tiny fingerprints. Any news from Texas? Take care of yourself.

  2. Still waiting patiently! Hopefully Monday! Thank you!


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