Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I Can't Think of a Title...So This is My Title.

Chris made it to San Antonio safely.

So much snow here!

Big G is getting sick.

The top drawer of the changing table is broken and driving me nuts.

Folded loads of laundry that will probably never be put away.

Living on leftovers.

Griffin is loving school!

Little G went down for a nap today at 0830.

I have taught Big G, Middle G, and Little G to use my lightweight vacuum cleaner.

AND...Little G is insisting on wearing a bike helmet when she eats.

Yes, I have tennis balls on the legs of my chairs to keep my landlord happy.  :-)  Otherwise she will come over with sticky little no skid things to put on the bottom of my chairs...

Survival mode, folks.  Survival mode. 

Love and Hugs!


  1. When the leftovers are gone there's pizza and take out! If the clothes are clean why do they need to be put away before you wear them? :) Just live in chaos and clutter until the day before Chris comes home and then clean it all up at once. Hmm can you tell my name is not Harriet Housewife? Have some fun!

  2. LOL, thank you for the encouragement! Big G and I put a pretty good dent in some housework last night, thank goodness. She's such a huge help.


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