Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Say Raisins!"

I am amazed to say that for the first time in years, all of my children allowed me to sleep in until 9:00!  However, I am reminded that sleeping in is actually overrated and that I get headaches when I sleep in that late.  So it looks like I will be setting my alarm for 7:00 from now on!  I don't have time for headaches.  :-)

Lately, since Griffin's throat/toothbrush injury, I have noticed that some of his food fussiness has returned.  The oral surgeon gave him a clean bill of health but I'm certain, even though the doctor didn't mention this, that he is very bruised, even though the cut has healed.  So I imagine that it's still painful for him to swallow and he's just off course right now.  I am also noticing that he is "slobbering" a lot and he realizes that himself as well.  I can give him a napkin and he will wad it up in his hand and wipe his mouth with it throughout the day.  He's just not wanting to swallow all of his saliva and I really hope he overcomes that quickly.

But anyway...this morning, as I scraped the remainder of his scrambled eggs from his plate, he started fussing.  I asked him if he wanted raisins... and I said, "say RAAAAYYYYYY-sins" and he pulled his own little hand up and created a sign for raisins!  To be sure, I said it again and he did the same sign for it!  I went and got a box of raisins and asked him if he wanted them, and he signed it again!  I am so proud of him!  I know that he is fully connected with communication now.  He understands that words have power.  Praise God!  His sign is great, too, and I will encourage him to keep using his own little created sign for raisins.

My household is slowly overcoming the illnesses.  Big G's eye began to look better yesterday, Little G is still coughing and fussy but I think/pray that she will be better today, and Griffin is healing up nicely but has a little cold brewing, nothing too bad, though.  Looking forward to all of our family being well once again!!

Well, I hear Little G stirring over the baby monitor.  Deep breathe, here we go!

Love and Hugs!

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