Monday, June 18, 2012

2nd Day Home-A Great Day

Maria's View- 

So last night, dude went to bed at 6 because he was just so tired.  Well, around 11 when I made it up to bed, he was wide awake and rolling around in his crib.  I went in to check on him and decided to pick him up to change his diaper.  It was so wet that it was hanging half off of him and his PJs were damp.  So I took him into my room to change him and sent Chris to find some PJs.  Well, we have a low supply of boy pajamas, so, well... he had to wear some of Little Gs PJs.  So dude went back to bed in purple PJs.  I don't think he liked it too much because he didn't want to go back to sleep!   I PROMISE, it's the last time he will wear girly clothes.  Around midnight, he started moaning out pretty loudly so I went in and got him, brought him back to bed with me and let him lay on my chest.  He was pretty content with that, but he decided to roll off and lay beside me instead.  I was pretty surprised that he was okay with being that close to me.  I'm quite certain that he has never slept with anyone in his life, other than us.  Around 3:45, I had had enough and decided to take him back to bed.  I just couldn't rest with him kicking me with his little bony feet!  lol.  So I eased him up and laid him in his crib and he went right back to sleep. 

He slept great and we did breakfast in shifts.  The girls and I ate breakfast while Griffin was still sleeping, then I rushed around to get my shower, kind of combed through my hair a bit, no make up, but hey...I got my shower!  And then got little dude up.  He woke up with a smile on his face.  So sweet.  He ate his breakfast very well.  Today has been much better with food aggression with all meals and snacks.  I didn't give him anything super exciting though.  His food for the day has been banana flavored oatmeal, Activia yogurt, Sponge bob Chicken Noodle soup, and gold fish, and Princess noodles and a veggie will be for dinner with a side of Prune baby food.  I tried to give him milk to drink this morning but he wasn't too impressed.  I gave him apple juice instead.

Big G kept asking me to do a craft with her so I got my box of 101 cookie cutters out and managed to trace stars and flags so that she could paint and then decorate our living room door with them for the 4th of July. :-)  She was entertained for quite a while.  Score!

Chris got home early today and we went across the street to the park.  We had a lot of family fun as we watched our beautiful children play.  Have I mentioned how much I love being a mom?  :-)

A sweet moment-  Griffin will sometimes just lay down on the floor and play if he is tired.  This time, I noticed that he was trying to shut down with his fingers in his mouth and hand over his eyes... I decided that it was nap time so I went to scoop him up and he started laughing just as hard as he could!  Then I got to laughing.  He laughed the entire time I changed his diaper and then I put him to bed.  He slept for 3 hours!  Anyway, what a sweetie.

Something random-  I find myself just blurting out in a sing-song voice, "Dude has a fam-i-ly" to the tune of "nanny-nanny boo-boo"...  I'm not sure when I will stop doing that, but I'm sure that eventually he will be like, "Mom you are such a dork, of course I have a family!  What are you talking about?"  and that will be music to MY ears.

We have Griffin's first medical appt scheduled for Friday!  Praying that he is healthy!

My friend, Lura, provided a meal for us tonight and we are about to dig in!  Thank you so much, Lura!

Anyway, I hope y'all are having a great day!  Everything is going surprisingly well at the Solomon house! 

Love and Hugs!!

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  1. I am in love with the last picture of the 2 younger G's... Adorable!! So happy you are happy and that things are going well!! XOXO


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