Thursday, June 14, 2012

Day 59-Too Coincidental To Be A Coincidence!

Chris's View-

Today started a little rough, but turned out to be an amazing day!

When we woke up, I fixed Griffin some eggs & he decided to throw a fit.  He cried for about an hour & a half on and off.  It was a little rough, but his Maw-Maw pulled out the dancing chicken and it seemed to help soothe him!  After he was calm, I put him down for a little nap, knowing that he doesn't sleep in the car and we would be in the car most of the day.  While he napped, I got ready and packed.

When he got up, we finished packing, said our goodbyes, and headed south for the Coast.  We made a pit stop to see my Uncle Charles who had a pretty bad wreck a little over a week ago.  He was doing a lot better than I was expecting and was in very good spirits considering what happened.  He is going to eventually be moved to a swing bed facility in Poplarville for his rehab.

After our short visit, we loaded back up and got back on the road.  About 30 minutes after I left the hospital, I realized I had left the car seat that we would need to get our kiddos home.  They are expiring, so we are shopping for new ones, but I wasn't planning on buying a new one today... guess I will be shipping tonight.  We got to Keesler AFB in Biloxi, and got our little man enrolled in the military personnel system called DEERS.  It went surprisingly fast.  This essential step ensures that our little dude will be covered in case anything happens while we are on the road home.

Then the fun started.  We had some errands to run on the Coast... like trying to find a double umbrella stroller and at least 1 new car seat.  We went to Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, to look for a stroller that Sears said may be in their store... of course it wasn't.  We decided to have lunch, since it was that time.  Our little man got to try out Chick-fil-A.  He loved their grilled chicken nuggets.  He ate that, my cole slaw & the fruit cup that came with his meal.  He still doesn't like french fries, nor can he drink through a straw.  He'll learn on the straw part, and I could care less if he ever likes french fries!  After we were done eating, we headed out to the car... directly to the passenger side... that's when I realized that he was missing a shoe!  Ugh!  Back into the mall and backtracked our entire path... no shoe.  So, I stop by Payless and buy him a new pair for $10.  As we walked back out of the car, I see something underneath the driver's side of the car.  I leaned down and reached under the car... his other shoe!  How in the world did it get under the driver's side of the car?  We never went anywhere near that side of the car.  Anyway, he now has a new pair of shoes.

After we were done, we headed to Ocean Springs, to meet up with a family that we were stationed with in Germany, who answered a lot of questions for us on adopting from the country we adopted from.  They adopted their son from the country and he has Ds too.  I was shocked that I could not find one pay phone in the entire city of Ocean Springs.  What was I to do?  I decided to swing into the McDonald's parking lot, access their Wi-Fi, and call them via Skype!  Worked like a charm.  They gave me the address they were staying at... it sounded really familiar.  I mean, we lived in this city when we were stationed at Keesler, so it was very possible that I had to do something near where they lived at some point.  But I started to realize that 2101 Shelby seemed way too familiar... wait for it.....

Okay, about right now, one of our regular blog readers is jumping up & down!  YES, it was Ron & Shana's old house!  Look, there are coincidences, then their are things that are too coincidental to be coincidences!  God has planned this whole thing out from the very beginning, down to showing me that he's still looking out for us!  It was a great visit with the Coleman family & the Robert's family in the old Pardue house!  LOL!  Mikah, the Coleman's son with Ds, is such a sweety & their daughter is such a precious little girl too!  I appreciate the Robert's family opening their home to allow a complete stranger to come visit some friends.  Sorry, I'm going to take a break now & post a bunch of pictures!  LOL!

Afterward, and I feel bad cause I lost track of time and had to rush out, but Griffin & I had to truck it over to meet the Clement's family, some close friends who we went to church with at Woodhaven in Ocean Springs.  We met at a little restaurant called The Shed.  This place is an Ocean Springs institution, that just suffered a fire.  Within the same week, they were reopened, slinging great barbecue to their loyal customers.  Griffin LOVED the barbecue!  He had pulled pork, baked beans, cole slaw and 2 pickles!  He is now a Shed-Head for getting Fed at the Shed!  I kept the ticket for his memory book!  We also signed the table for him!  A funny thing happened as I walked up and met with Clayton, Robin & Maddie... a server came up and asked if my name was Chris.  I said yes and she said, a woman from Germany called for you!  LOL!  I was told by the Coleman's that Maria had been trying to get a hold of me about some immigration papers that arrived at her mom's place.  Robin had also just passed the same message to me, also with the information that my mother-in-law was on her way to The Shed with the papers... and the car seat!  AWESOME!  I joked with them that they weren't bringing me the car seat & papers, but that they wanted to come see Griffin one last time before we took off for Germany!  LOL!  Another break for a few pictures... LOL!

After we finished eating and visiting, we headed for New Orleans.  We decided to stay at an airport hotel so we didn't have to get up so early.  I mean, we still have to get up at 3am, but that's better than 1am!  We also are staying right near a Babies-R-Us.  We stopped by to see if they had any double umbrella strollers.  They had 3, but only 1 in stock.  It was just over $300!  Yikes!  That's pretty painful.  The lady who was showing the strollers went over to an end cap and handed me a box.  It is a set of clamps by the Munchkin Company that allows you to connect 2 normal umbrella strollers together... and the kicker... it's only $10!  Thank you very much!

We got back and I gave Griffin a bath.  I'll get a shower in the morning and we will start our trip home!  Yippeee!

See ya'll tomorrow... if I can!

Maria's View-

Well, last night, I started feeling a little achy and developing a sore throat... woke up this morning feeling the same way.  So I guess I have gotten what the girls have had.  Not good timing at all, being that Griffin and Chris will be home Saturday.   Neither one of them needs to catch this.  Feeling pretty rough and not feeling like getting anything on my list done.

Tomorrow, my friend has offered to watch Little G for me while I go grocery shopping and get the house stocked and ready for the whole family.  That will help so much, being that I doubt I will be feeling much better tomorrow according to how the girls did.  <sigh>

But anyway, Chris will be very busy today with taking Griffin to Keesler AFB and getting him enrolled in DEERS.  Then he will either stay in Biloxi or New Orleans so that he can be as close to the airport as possible to fly out on Friday.  They will arrive in Germany around 9:25 AM, or around 2:25 AM central time.  So I'm not exactly sure if he will get a blog post in!  Hopefully so.

Please pray for our crew!  Pray that little dude has a better day, that I get over this sickness and get it out of this house before Griffin arrives, and for safe travels for them!! 

Love and Hugs!

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  1. Absolutely unbelievable!! It's like we were there even though we couldn't be physically there! Lol... God has certainly provided for y'all in amazing ways and I know He will continue to do so! Prayers all around for the Solomon family!! ((Hugs)) Almost a complete family under one roof!!


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