Monday, June 4, 2012

Day 49 - Balloons!

Hey everybody!

This morning's visit found our dude in one of his moods.  He was all about shutting the world out this morning.  He was content just shoving GM in his mouth & covering his face.  He was also back to his wanting to lay on the floor thing.  When I tried to hold him, he would grab my chin and throw my head away so I wouldn't look at him.  Good thing that stinker is cute, cause it hurt!  LOL!

A couple of kids from another groupa came over to the play shed we were in and were talking to Griffin in Russian.  They were calling him by his old name, so either they might have been in the same groupa before, or the nanny told them his name.  Either way, it was the only thing he seemed interested in on the morning trip.

This evening though, that was a whole different story!  We were the only people out, so I decided to take him to all the places in the orphanage compound that he had been before.  We started with the train slide.  We pass it first, so we might as well.  He slid a couple times and then we walked back to the play shed areas.  I put him in the swing we first put him in.  It seems so small now!  LOL!  Then we moved over to the bigger swing and he started to get that shut the world out thing going again.  Time to move on...

Next, I put him in his old groupa play shed.  JACKPOT!  There were balloons everywhere!  He played & played with the balloons, throwing them, biting at them (don't stress Maria, I was watching the entire time!) and one time he even fell backwards on to one!  I was sure it was going to pop, but it held up.  Pretty strong balloon!  LOL!  He dug through them so he could get to the rocker and then, like that, the visit time was over.  We did make one lap around the building, for old time sake.  I want him to soak up the memories of the place he has, I'm sure, grown to love, over the past (almost) 4 years.  He's been a trooper.

Tomorrow is it!  It feels like I am going on a special forces mission to exfiltrate a US citizen from some hole in the wall country... it could be cause I watched Acts of Valor today between visits!  LOL!  I have even been contemplating writing tomorrow's blog as if I was on a special ops mission to bust him out of the orphanage!  I'll have to see how Maria feels about that one though.  She may want something a little tamer!  LOL!  Since tomorrow is so special, I'll give ya'll a teaser.  This is what I am taking to bring him to the apartment in.  I will be following that up with a colloidal oatmeal bath, then another normal bath and hair washing, teeth brushing (thank goodness!), nail clipping, ear cleaning... the works!  I am going to see if I can get the orphanage smell off of him.  It's not that it's bad, it's just not good!  LOL!

Anyway, see ya'll tomorrow!


  1. I am SO excited! I can't wait to read the next blog!!! :)

  2. Love the outfit! I looked at a pair of shoes just like that for our little guy today! LOL...


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