Monday, June 25, 2012

Snuggle Time

Last night at around 0300, Griffin woke up, crying out, not crying tears, but just crying out to us.  I stumbled into his room and picked him up, changed his diaper, and then just decided to put him in bed with us.  I need to take advantage of bonding time every chance that I can get!  I was on my side and I pulled him really close to me so that he was facing me by laying on his side.  He got so close to me that his nose kept getting smooshed against my chest so I kept having to push him back a bit.  Eventually, he gave himself just enough room to get his fingers into his mouth and went to sleep and didn't budge at all!  At 0545, he woke up just as happy as he could be, all smiles.  I knew that I was on borrowed time with his hunger so I decided to get on up.  It was blazing bright at that time so honestly, I had no clue that it wasn't even 0600 yet!  That helped. lol

We headed downstairs and I scrambled him an egg and gave him some yogurt and juice.  He did great!  Afterwards, we had some rocking chair time and I can tell that he really enjoys that.  He loves to be in motion no matter what it is.   Before long, the girls were ready for their breakfast... What in the world is it with my early risers?  Just sleep late, already! 

My week is going to be a bit tricky.   Big G started tennis camp this week and it's from 1330-1430, right when the little ones should be taking their nap.  So I tried to stuff an early nap in at 0900 and that just really didn't work.  Around 1100 I knew that I needed to do lunches and start getting the kids ready to leave by 1245.  It took every second of that time to get 3 kids loaded up!  This is a run down of my morning:

1000-girls bathed
1040-preparing lunch
1100-girls ate lunch, Griffin still napping (or so I thought)
1130-Got Griffin out of the crib and found a very nasty poop surprise.  Everything needs to be cleaned, including a bath for Griffin.
1145-Bath water is not heated (electric German water heater has to be turned on), have to fill pots of water from the kitchen to get enough warm water in the bathtub for him.
Scrub, scrub, scrub.
Clean, clean, clean.
1200-fed Griffin
1220-clothed both little ones and fixed all heads of hair
1230-where is every one's jackets?!?  Nowhere to be found, had to search for others upstairs.  Still don't know where they are.
1240-snacks, diaper bag packed
1245-2 trips to get the kids loaded in the van and we were on our way.

I was just about in tears.  Just overwhelmed.  Exhausted from not really sleeping.  Wondering how/if I will ever get in a routine.  The kids were great!  I just have to figure it all out. 

Big G loved tennis and I'm so glad she is getting this opportunity!  The little ones had a great time just being outside and able to roam around a bit.  Both of them were so well behaved!  I learned that I have to really watch Griffin because he tried a few times to eat rocks.  I had to dig them out of his mouth and before I could get one out, he would pop another one in.  What is with this kid storing things?  lol   It was almost like the rocks were magically appearing.

Little G totally missed her nap so she is grumpy now and is refusing to sleep, but Griff seems to be resting well, after his fussy snack.  I can't blame them since his schedule is kind of messed up today.  Nothing bad, just fussy, normal toddler stuff, honestly! 

So what I have learned from today is this:
All kids must be washed before bedtime.
All clothing must be laid out before bedtime.

On a surprising note, I called and talked to the Pediatric Clinic about Griffin's toes turning blue and found out that they have already put in a cardiology referral without telling us... We were told that he will probably get referred out to a German cardiologist and that we need to wait a few more days for the referral to make its way to cardiology.

But anyway, the hubs is home and all is well with the world.  I love him.

Burgers on the grill tonight and maybe an episode of Army Wives if I'm lucky! :-)

Love and Hugs!

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