Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 47 - Math Lesson

No visits + pouring rain = B-O-R-E-D-O-M!

So, since I am trying to keep dude from getting any sicker, I chose to not visit today and asked the nannies to keep him inside to help try to kick this bug he's getting.  At least with the pouring rain... and I mean monsoon style rain... he will definitely be kept inside.

I have been working on Griffin's Gotcha Day video.  It took me the better part of yesterday afternoon to get the first 15 seconds done.  Yeah, whoever said Windows Movie maker was great for beginners did not have my creative vision!  LOL!  I don't want something simple, I want it to be something he, and we, will cherish forever.  I remember my buddy Adam worked on our deployment video for my tour to Iraq, and he was amazing at it.  I have been tempted to send everything to him this morning!  Ugh... I just can't get Movie Maker to do what I want it to do.  Oh well, I will survive.

This morning when I got up and got my shower, I decided to take the trash out, since the apartment owner likes to drop by on the weekends to clean and change the sheets and such.  Hey, it's her place, and it's awesome that she lets us stay here, so I can respect her wanting to make sure the place stays clean.  Anyway, the apartment has 2 doors.  The main apartment door, then the door to the outer room.  The outer room is shared between this apartment and another.  Both doors have locks.  So, I dispose of my trash, come back and the outer room door key will not go in all the way.  So I cannot turn the key to unlock the door, nor now can I remove the key... jammed!  Oh no.  I left the cell phone inside the apartment!  I buzz the next door neighbor.  She comes out, and opens the outer door.  She helps me free my stuck key and I call the facilitator to translate.  The neighbor insists that I must lock the outer door if I go anywhere, even if the lock is broken.  Great, so to me, that means I cannot leave until her husband fixes the lock.  Good thing it's pouring outside!  LOL!

Right now, I am waiting on a break in the rain to get to the grocery store.  The bread here is so good & fresh, but it molds WAY fast.  I even had it in a gallon zip-lock bag and tried my best to suck all the air out of the bag before I sealed it.  It looked perfectly fine yesterday, but today, when I went to make a peanut butter sandwich, there was a mold spot on top the size for a golf ball.  Yucky!

The rest of the day will be working on the video, washing clothes, maybe watch a movie or a TV show.  With the monsoon going on outside, it's probably best that I stay out of it.  I don't need to get sick either... talk about a rough trip if one of us is sick, imagine both of us!  Ugh!

Maria had the idea to give you a virtual tour of our apartment here in region.  All the photos are of the apartment... not too shabby of digs!

See ya'll tomorrow!

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  1. Love seeing the apartment!! SO excited you are almost done with this journey and your family will be altogether!!


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