Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 52

Chris's View-

Today has been full of ups & downs.

Let's start with last night though.  We went down to TGI Friday's.  I figured that if he started screaming bloody murder, we'd just leave.  He did great!  He loves cheesy mashed potatoes, and ate some of my grilled chicken breast too.  Not to sure about the chicken breast though, it took him a good while to chew it till I was satisfied to give him more.  Afterward, we came back to the apartment and I gave him a shallow bath, all we have is a shower stall.  So I plugged it and ran as much water as I could.  He sure loves bath time!  He was splashing everywhere & helping me wash him!  After that, I put him down for bed.  He actually rolled off the bed, so I had to go lay with him till he fell asleep... which meant, after the past two days I had, I fell asleep too!  He is kind of mad though, the satellite in the apartment doesn't work, so he doesn't get to see his soccer.

We got up today and got ready and got picked up by our driver.  I finalized the adoption process with a trip to the US Embassy to sign some papers, deliver his medical evaluation, and get his VISA.  Our little man will be a US citizen as soon as he gets to the airport in the USA!  That is the highlight.

Griffin has been fighting food today.  I switched back to the roast, potatoes, and carrots baby food since he didn't like the sausage variety.  He ate alright for breakfast... not great.  He refused it for lunch and even started crying.  To be honest though, it had been in the refrigerator, so not sure if the tears were from it being cold, so I warmed it up.  Nope, still fighting the spoon.  So, in the stroller & for a walk we went.  We walked down to the major square here in the city, about a half-mile, stopping every so often to look at the store windows, or to look at the birds, which he was really interested in.  The pigeons here have no sense of danger.  They would have let him walk right up to them if he would not have been strapped into the stroller.

On the way back to the apartment, I grabbed a couple bananas, thinking what kid doesn't like bananas.  He ate half of one and was really going at it to begin with.  He tapered off, but did finish it.  So, being the resourceful papa I am, we ran around the corner to the McDonald's... yes, I know I said I wouldn't go back there, but I was in need... and grabbed a 4 piece chicken nugget.  He likes them, but he is not the best chewer.  I pulled all the breading off and pinched it up into pieces about half the size of a #2 pencil eraser.  He would keep it in his mouth for 5-7 minutes, chewing something, but the chicken, when I finally fished it out of his mouth (he bites hard too by the way!), was just a mushy mess.  Maybe he is a good chewer, just not a good swallower.

The cutest part of the day was in the video.  Just before this, he was dancing with himself in the mirror.  Then he caught a glimpse of my shoes & went to town!  LOL!  It has got to be one of the cutest things kids do when they try to wear their parent's shoes.  I LOVE IT!

See ya'll tomorrow!

Maria's View-

Today is starting off to be a great day!  The girls seem to be doing much better with pink eye for Little G and fever for Big G.  I had to keep her home from school today because of the 24 hour fever-free rule, therefore she is having to miss her field day.  She rarely ever gets sick, but when she does, it's always when something fun is happening.  Always.  Bless her heart.

Something big is happening in our village today.  Our landlords came over and put flags out on our balcony and the streets are decorated.  I believe it's a day to honor the priest of the village and there will be a parade that he will walk in, shortly.  They were firing off cannons in our village on Saturday, scaring Big G to death.  "Baby, it's okay, go back to bed, it's just cannons."  And she just looked at me with an expression of, "you've got to be kidding me".  Yeah, it sounded like our village was being bombed.  Got to love Germany! :-)  I've actually grown quite fond of living here and will be sad when it's time to leave.

I enjoy hearing Chris' updates on Griffin.  He is coming so alive and I just can't wait to get him home so that I can figure him out!  I love that Chris is getting to bond with him, though.  This is the only time that he has to dedicate 100% of himself to him without having to go to work so I'm sure both of them are cherishing this time together.  It seems that we have a very active little boy on our hands!  We are going to be so busy!  I love it. 

I get asked so many times if we are going to have more kids... or if we will adopt again.  All I can say is that we still have 2 vacant seats in the van. ;-)  We bought this mini-van well over 3 years ago, praying that God would fill it up for us.  We came to Germany with only 1 child and will leave with 3.  God does answer prayers!

Please continue to pray for Griffin, that he continues to thrive!  God is hearing your prayers!  He is doing fabulous.  <<<HUGS>>>


  1. AWWW! You know, he's probably never seen himself in a mirror before! Super cute!

  2. I LOVE it!! I'm certain he's never had adult shoes (and we KNOW he's never had PARENT shoes) to put his little feet into!! Absolutely precious....


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