Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 48 - Pocketbook Pains

Had a great morning visit with Griffin.  It's amazing what a healthy dose of prayer will do for a sick little one!  Keep praying though, we aren't out of the woods yet.  We still have some days left here in country, which includes a long cold train ride from region to the capitol.

We played a good bit this morning.  It seems one of the groupas didn't clean up their play shed after the performance the other day, plus there were some big-wigs walking around today, so everything was nice & spiffy.  Everyone may not get this, but Maria surely will.  This is exactly how important these people who were at the orphanage today were.  First, it was Sunday.  NO ONE works on Sunday here except at the Kravan.  Second, there was liquid soap in the bathroom.  They had been out in there since before we left.  In fact, we bought bar soap to have some to use there.  Third, there were paper towels to dry your hands with.  This is pretty good, since they usually just hang a wet towel in the bathroom for you to attempt to dry your hands.  Fourth, they had toilet paper in the bathroom!  WOAH!  These folks are pretty important!  We would take our own back & forth to the orphanage, you know, just in case.  Fifth, and the one that still boggles my mind, they actually had a toilet seat on the toilet!  I had to double check that it wasn't this country's president on an official visit!  Pretty miraculous!

Griffin got to reap the benefits of whoever was visiting today, as no groupas were out initially.  I let him run rampant in a play shed, playing with all the brand new stuffed animals and such.  He was having a blast!  LOL!

He blew up his diaper, so I had to cut our visit short by 15 minutes though.

Afterward, I went to the Karavan for some chicken fried rice from the Italian/Japanese place... it was mediocre.  After that I went to the grocery store to pick up items I will need once I have Griffin in my arms for good.  Mainly baby food.  He doesn't get to eat that much and the facilitator said to be careful feeding him food that I eat, as he will not be used to it.  She said it's probably best to give him baby food, which I had already planned on.  Let me tell you though, this country wants kids off baby food as soon as possible.  A jar, not even Gerber, was over 18 hryvnia... that's a $2.25 per jar, and he's eating 3 meals a day.  To put this into perspective, my fried rice was 16 hryvnia, or $2.00.  He's eating high off the hog with this stuff!  Hopefully he will like it!  What I did find neat is that instead of a "flat" of 12 jars being all green beans for example, it had 2 green beans, and 2 squash, and 2 ham and potatoes, etc.  It's not meant to be sold in a "flat" like that, but that's how they package them in case you want to buy the "flat".  Sorry, I put "flat" in quotes because I don't know what else to call it.

Anyway, now to kill time till the evening visit... looking like rain for this evening which means indoor play time.  Not what I want as dude is generally more active outside, but we will manage.

Well, the weather fooled me... bright & sunny outside for our evening visit.  I could barely touch griffin before he would start laughing.  I tried to get it on video, but the batteries in my camera died... boooo!  This Kodak is a battery hog!

We did the usual stuff today, swing, play shed, cars, rolled a truck back & forth a couple times.  it is getting very repetitive, and it's seems to be getting worse as Gotcha Day approaches.  Nothing really new to report though... he's still as cool as ever!

On a side note... thanks to everyone who has been reading.  We just passed 7,000 views since we started blogging, most of those in the past 48 days!  Thank you so much for following along!  It helps to know that there are folks out there reading what we are writing!

See ya'll tomorrow!


  1. wow!! A toilet seat?!? amazing. lol. Was our same bar of soap still in the bathroom? Dude looks handsome in denim today, but mercy, does he have some chunky cheeks! lol. Can't wait to kiss them!!

  2. With you guys all the way! Prayers going up constantly...can't wait for you both to have your little dude at HOME! :)

  3. What an interesting country! I bet you could write a book on all the odd things you see on a daily basis.
    Glad to know that Griffin in getting better and that you will get to leave with him soon. Prayers as you make your final trip home to the girls.


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