Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Is There a Full Moon or Something?!?

WHEW!  What a day!  Was today a crazy kid day for anyone else?  I just spoke with Little G's speech therapist and she said that most of her parents were complaining that their children were a bit out of control today.  Interesting. 

Griffin did pretty well today despite his food issues at breakfast this morning.  I gave him oatmeal and he got extremely upset as he was eating it.  We powered through it, though, until he needed more than just a turn of the high chair... I took him out and to the recliner and just rocked him for about 10 mins.  Then I put him back in his highchair and added a banana to his meal.  I got a spoonful of banana and covered it with the oatmeal and he was fine.  So maybe it's a texture thing?  Or perhaps he doesn't feel like he's getting anything solid with the oatmeal so the banana gives him something to chew.  I'll try him on the banana and oatmeal tomorrow right off the bat to see if the banana keeps the frustration away. 

I'm a bit worried about his fluid intake today.  He has only drank one complete sippy cup of diluted juice.  We had to go down to the German grocery store and buy their apple juice.  Maybe he just doesn't like it.  So tomorrow, we are definitely going to buy the American kind in hopes that he will drink more.  He must drink or else we have a problem.  I gave him liquidy foods in hopes that it would help.  We had to collect stool samples on him today and I had to keep his urine seperate in the diaper by a urine collection bag and so I know his output of urine is good.  So that means he's getting some fluids.

Griffin did great for lunch, dinner, and snacks in between.  Chris got home early from work and I was able to take Gracie to tennis, just the 2 of us and then I treated her to ice-cream afterwards.  It was a nice little outing.

Little G had a melt down tonight just before dinner to the point of screaming and unable to catch her breath... and then she got upset with her meal at dinner. LOL.  Griffin was perfect.  haha.  What is up with these kids?!?  Little G doesn't usually have melt downs anymore so I hope she's feeling okay.

But anyway, sorry that there's not anything exciting to report.  Probably TMI on the stool specimen stuff.  LOL.  sorry.

Until tomorrow!!!  Griffin goes for his opthamology appt in the AM!  Chris and I are going to flip a coin on who is going to take him.  Concerns: crossing eye, mucous 24/7, and possible stent placement for his ducts.

Something random-  I have a very strong urge to get the xbox out and play Pac-Man quest games like I did before having children. strange.  lol



  1. Does Griffin like (or at least tolerate) jello, applesauce, sherbet, ice cream, popsicles, and/or yogurt? All of these would help get more fluid into him and are easy to swallow. Would he like other fruit juices, perhaps? Grapejuice, lemonade, orange juice, fruit punch??

    Despite the fluid-intake concerns, it sounds as if your little guy is doing very, very well indeed. He's going far!

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  2. Hey Susan! Thank you! Yes, we give him applesauce, yogurt,and fruits. When I feed him veggies, I make sure there is a lot of veggie broth on the spoon as well.. I've tried him on apple and white grape juice but will probably try him on something new to mix things up. I'm wondering if I should do pedialyte. He refuses milk and water but we are giving him the drinkable yogurt and he does well with that.


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