Monday, August 13, 2012

A Little of This...And a Little of That...

Hey y'all!  Sorry for the lack of post yesterday night.  We had a great Sunday!  We made it to early service at church and was only a little late.  Big G told us before we went that she wanted to walk the aisle and make her public profession of faith in front of the congregation!  She is so brave!  So she went to "big church" with us and did just that!  When the proper time came, I asked her if she really wanted to go, she said yes, so we held her hand and she led the way.  When she got to the youth pastor, she told him that she accepted Christ into her heart, he prayed with her, and then the pastor announced her decision to the congregation and everyone congratulated her.  So very proud of her!

We let Big G decide where we would have lunch and then we did a little shopping...dude's 2nd time to go to the BX.  All 3 children did so well!  However, Griffin decided to yank on Little G's pigtails throughout our shopping spree and she didn't like that at all.  I also noticed that he would use Giraffe Meat to bonk on her head whenever he got the chance.  It was actually pretty funny but I didn't let him know that.  I even saw a few shoppers laughing. 

Last night, Chris could not find the stapler for the life of him and it was driving him nuts.  I knew that it' was in one of the drawers in my shelf and I told him that, but I didn't tell him the correct one to look in.  So after the kids went to bed, I reorganized everything.  Felt good!  And I found the stapler.  :-)  I'll chip away at everything one night at a time!  I would have kept going but Chris gave up on me and didn't want to dig around in storage for some things that I was needing.  I forgive him.

Today, I had to run a few errands while Chris kept the kiddos for me.  I picked up referrals for both of the little ones for occupational therapy.  They will be seeing the same one so that is very helpful!  I also picked up the cardiology report for Griffin from his trip to the cardiologist and read it.  This doctor was so awesome.  His report was so positive for Griffin and I really appreciated that.  He called him bright, interested, engaging, healthy, etc. and actually thanked our facility for giving him the privilege for allowing Griffin to be his patient.  That's what I'm talking about!  Thank you, German cardiologist. 

The speech therapist will be over any minute for Little G, and afterwards, we are going to take the kids out and do some pictures of them.  I do photography for a hobby and my children are my favorite subjects!  I'll post them once I have worked them up.  Hoping that the rain holds off.

So I received a blessing today.  I prayed over the weekend if I should enroll Little G in Mother's Day Out and I came to the decision that I should, simply because she needs to be around other little ones who may actually help her speech.  I sat and spoke with the director for a good 20 mins and updated her on everything.  Told her that Griffin was going to school every day except Wed., which is MDO day.  And since he doesn't have an MDO slot, it's not actually MDO for me.  Right before I left, she informed me that she was considering making an extra MDO class on Friday, so that would actually put Little G in MDO while Griffin is at preschool!  YES!  Now, if it truly works out, I will have a time for myself if I need to make an appt or grocery shop!  AND, our Wednesdays will be free so now I will probably be able to use that day for therapies for the little ones.  Love it.  Thank you, God, for working this out for me!  

More tomorrow!  :-)


  1. I'm so glad that the scheduling might work out for you. I'll keep that in my prayers, too. So you will have just Little G four mornings and one morning with no kids? That sounds awesome! Good for everyone.

  2. Thank you! I love that they will both be home on Wednesdays together. More than likely, we will do our therapies, but if we decide to have a lazy day, we will. If Fridays truly work out, I will only have about a good hour to run errands but even that will help! I'll take it. :-)


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