Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Over and Over and Over Again...

I was gone most of the day today... Chris was off work so he stayed home with the little ones while I took Big G to VBS.  During VBS, I hung out with my friend until it was over and had a great time!  After I picked her up, Big G and I had lunch together.  I love my one on one time with my oldest.

When we got home, I relieved Chris so that he could hit the gym and the little ones were down for naps.  I finally went up and got them out of their cribs at 5:00!  Papa must have worn them out because they never sleep that late.  When I got Griffin out of his crib, I kept stepping on something in his bedroom.  We keep it extremely dark upstairs during nap times so I flipped a light on and found that he had emptied one of his drawers of all of the clothing.  They were everywhere!   His shirt that he had been wearing was MIA, too.  I couldn't find it for the life of me.  So when Chris got home, he moved Griff's crib away from the drawers and found his shirt in a different drawer.  lol.  He was busy!

We had snack time and then I took them to the recliner for some lovin'.  Griffin was insisting on Itsy Bitsy Spider over and over again.  Of course I would do it, but occasionally I would have to stop and do something for Little G.  He has started protesting now when I stop!  He literally wants me to sing it all day, every day.  Sorry, dude.   We will still sing it a lot, but it won't be all day long.  He needs to start loving some other songs!  Seriously.

Today is the first time that Little G has taken me by the hand and led me back to the living room.  Usually she would just immediately start to fuss if I was unable to read her mind.  So I consider this progress!  She led me to the living room, said, "Baby", picked up her stuffed dog, made sounds like she was counting to 3, and tossed the dog onto the couch, the way that we do for them during our rough-housing.  Too cute! 

Tonight, we had a dinner/tea party in Big G's room and I had a delicious bowl of Penguin soup, waffles, corn, ice cream, cookies, and coffee.  I watched Little G play and this is the first time I have ever noticed her pretending to eat.  It was adorable!  Griff picked up a fake cookie and really tried to eat it...once he discovered it was not real, he threw it across the room. :-)

But anyway, it's been another great day!  It seems that Griffin has gotten much more comfortable around us and is being a typical toddler in some ways!  He's finding his way through that orphanage fog! I think it's great that he was "pitching a fit" for his favorite song. 

More tomorrow! 

Goodnight. :-)

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  1. So happy to see that MG and LG are making progress!! Glad you got some one on one time with BG too!!


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