Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Let the Rough-Housing Begin!

Maria's View-

So we got a call from Dr. F and Griffin's neck x-ray is completely normal, along with some thyroid labs.  Hooray!  This little boy LOVES to be tossed around on the couch, thrown into the air, hung upside down, etc.  We have done these things to him very gently, unlike what we do for Little G (she LOVES it, the harder the impact, the more she loves it, which goes along with her hyposensitivity issues).  I can see it all over Griffin's face that he wants to participate so badly!  Well, once he wakes up from his nap, he's in for it. :-)  Enjoy!!


These kids sure know how to destroy a house and we start over every single day.

I love how he tucks his hands behind his head when we slide him around on the couch!
This is the look he gives when he wants to play or when he's mischievous.

This is the bounce after the landing!

Griffin was on Cloud 9 tonight since he finally got to play just like his sisters.  Finally.  He loved every minute!  This is definitely something for him to look forward to every evening. 

I love my family! 

Goodnight from Germany!

Chris's View-

It amazes me how much we rely on computers these days.

We are the 99%... the 99% who leverage technology in everyday lives.  They are the 1%... the 1% who refuse to use these gadgets that are "supposed" to make our lives easier.  Where am I going with this?

Well, the non-secure network was mostly down at work today.  It was like a ghost town!  I, being handcuffed to my workstation due to what I do on a daily basis, noticed that the noise level was drastically reduced.  Yes, there was a change of command on base, so that took some people, but everyone else, with a lack of ability to accomplish their everyday work, decided to go enjoy the outdoors... which really stinks since I work in a concrete hole... no windows.  I used to work in a control tower with 13 big, beautiful windows, and the best view on base.  Transitioning to this work center was rough, as I really like being able to see the beauty of God around me.

Anyway, the network came up right before I was leaving work, so thankful for the guys I work with, because without them, my day would have been longer than it was.  Without the Internet though, I really found out who was a "fact checker" and who knew what they were talking about in a conversation!  Some people, who seemed really well read on the hot topics of the day, were almost impossible to talk to since they could not jump on that big, ole information super-highway, to derive "their view" from Glen Beck or the Drudge Report or Perez Hilton.  There were others who really shined on this front though.

It is pretty amazing at how much emphasis we have put on being connected.  For example, not by any choice of my own... I am forced by the military, I was unable to work on the performance reports that I have due on my troops because they reside online.  I could not check my personnel record as it is online too.  I could not look at my pay stub, yep, it's online too.  So much of my life is online.  It's scary in a way.  Think how bad it would be if Y2K would have really happened like they said and everything would have went down, all data lost.  Man, life would be miserable for many folks.

See ya'll later!

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