Monday, July 9, 2012

And He's Dancin'!

So...last night, Griffin had to have a bath at 10:00pm due to an explosively gross diaper.  Gag a mag!  It was so bad that Chris and I had to tag team it.  And that's all I've got to say about that, except for the fact that he loved his bath and is just so stinkin' (pun intended) cute that I could squeeze him to pieces. 

Well, the bath must have relaxed him because he slept so well (and we do normally give him a bath at night, but usually around 6:00).   This morning started Big G's drama club and I had to get both of the little ones up before 8:00.  My day started at 6:00 so that I could have some quiet 'me' time and drink my fake cup of coffee in peace, while sporting a migraine.  <sigh>  At 7:00, I went in to get Griffin and he was wide awake and all 'giggly bits' so he immediately stood up and reached for my hands and started dancing side to side.  So adorable!  So I sang him a song and let him dance it out and then made our way downstairs to the egg that I scrambled for him.  I must say that I'm crazy proud of this little kid.  Mercy, he has come so far in such a short time!  His signing has drastically decreased his food frustrations.  Now, if I could only get him to use his own hands to sign 'more' and we will be golden! 

At 7:30, it was Little G's turn to rise and shine.  I had to wake her up but she was happy, too.  She tossed her paci into her crib like a big girl and made our way to her scrambled egg.  I also put a box of raisins on each high chair and let them feed themselves. 

Thankfully, Big G can pretty much get herself completely ready except for her hair...and if you've seen her long hair, you will understand why.  She was pretty excited about drama camp and she even packed her own lunch which helped me out a lot. 

We made it out the door at 8:15, plenty of time to get there by 9:00.  Awesome!  On the way in, I noticed that they added a Java Cafe in the lobby of the theater.  Oh yeah, this week just got so much better!  Once we made our way to the group, the instructor introduced herself to me because she knew who I was.  She was on the scholarship committee who chose me to receive a 1/2 scholarship to the Lactation Conference that was here 2 weeks ago.   I felt that Griffin needed me much more than I needed that conference so I gave the scholarship back.  She was so kind and encouraging to me.  I cling to every act of kindness and every kind word because it gets me through and keeps me going.  She told me that Mom2Mom is gathering Griffin a gift since I could not attend.  Yeah, I got teary.

Home-snack-play-lunch-discovered that Griffin knows that plugs need to be plugged in and it aggravated him tremendously that his Roomba was unplugged.  Every chance that he could get, he would cruise/bear crawl over to the Roomba and try to plug it in.

At 12:15, we made our way back into the van to get Big G.  She had an awesome time!  She said that they played a lot of games and is looking forward to going back tomorrow. 

So on the medical front of things...Griffin has his cardiology appt on July 12th.  His GI referral is in and we are waiting on them to schedule it.  They are going to admit him to the hospital (off base) so that they can do endoscopy and observe him overnight to make sure that he handles the anesthesia well.  (yeah, that's going to be pretty hectic and stressful.  Hopefully the hubs can get 2 days off.)  But anyway, this GI appt will determine if he has Celiac Disease.  Really dreading that diagnosis, but honestly, I think he has it.  It would explain a lot.  I hope I'm wrong, though!

As of right now, the hubs just walked in the door and the little ones are sleeping.  He bought me a bag of Chunky Chips Ahoy so I'm about to chow down. 



  1. So great to hear how your new little one is flourishing and growing and awakening to the world around him - sounds as if outlet covers are a must-have, with his interest in plugging in his Roomba. Smart little man, there...

    Hope all goes well and that you get some useful info from Griffin's upcoming tests.

    Best wishes,
    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from EE

  2. Oh definitely...the outlet covers are a must for sure, not only with him, but with my Little G. They both get pretty ticked off because they are there. LOL.

    Thank you!! I hope we get some answers as well...

  3. Whew! You are such a busy Momma and I know you are LOVING it!! :-D Praying for middle G's upcoming procedures and appointments! So glad Big G loved her camp! ((Hugs))

  4. LOL... You know how it is, BFF. You take the cake on that one! Speaking of cake, lemon cake from O.G. would be the bomb right now!


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