Monday, July 16, 2012


We are so proud of our little dude!  He did 3 new things today!

1.  When I was holding him in the recliner this morning, Little G wanted to be held.  So I stood Griffin up at the book basket, thinking he would entertain himself with the books while I held her.   WRONG!  He immediately protested when I put him down!  And then he turned around and cruised back to me with his arms outstretched!  He wanted me! :-)

2.  Big G made her way to the recliner and sat next to me.  She asked to hold Griffin so I sat him on her lap.  Immediately, Griffin started inching his way back over to where he was fully sitting in my lap again!  Yeah!!!

3.  He refused Cheerios!  He wouldn't feed them to himself and he wouldn't let me feed him.  He threw them off of his highchair.  This is huge!  Definitely progress! 

Every single day, Griffin is coming into his own little person.  No more little orphanage robot.  He is developing his personality and I just love it!  After the little ones were awake this morning, they had already succeeded in throwing toys all over the place.

Little G loves for me to cradle her like a baby, and then start swinging her hard to the rhythm of 1-2-3 and then I toss her onto the couch.  She is hyposensitive, therefore she loves to be rough housed.  Well, I have been noticing that Griffin has been watching intently.  The first time I did that to him (gently of course), he didn't like it.  I have eased him into it and now he loves it!  He throws his hands up in the air in an excited kind of way and if I don't immediately scoop him up for a repeat, he will protest.  He is so much fun!  (and so much lighter than Little G!)

He has discovered how to undock our little robot vacuum that I have nicknamed "Precious" and then he crawls after it.  Today, he blocked it into a corner.  Little G despises it and hides when she hears it kick on.  He is such a brave and curious little boy!

But anyway, lots of fun going on here and I am so blessed to have my 3 children!  Children are definitely a blessing from God.  From the words of my sweet daddy who has gone on to be with the Lord, "my life became complete when God gave me my 3 children!" I couldn't agree more.

Love and Hugs!!!


  1. that is what that brick compartment is for - storing kiddos! :)

  2. *Tears* I just love how God has filled your arms full over these past years...It is a beautiful sight to see! SO glad to see middle G stripping off the orphanage slime and allowing his beautiful self to shine through!! What an AMAZING job you are doing with all of them!! XOXO Love you, BFF!!

  3. Lura, LOL!!!! Too funny!

    Shana, I have 3 kids!!! and I still just can't believe it! You know how many tears I have shed. You know how hard I prayed. God is so, so, so good!!! LOVE YOU!!


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