Friday, July 13, 2012

Celebrity Status

I just don't get it.  Celebrities are just people who are doing their job in the public eye.  I have never been one to get all 'star struck'... although, I would love to meet Dolly Parton...but if I ran into her, I would just say, "Hey, how's it going?  I love 'Islands in the Stream'.  And Dollywood.  Did you really live on ketchup soup before you were famous?  Would you like to meet 3 of the most awesome kids in the world?"  but anyway... what I'm getting at is this:

Seeing your child in a single picture for several months and then meeting him in person...yeah, I was 'star struck'.

At the orphanage, I remember sitting on the bench in front of the play shed that we normally let Griffin play in and thinking, "'s him.  It's really him.  The little boy in the picture.  He's right here in front of me.  I can actually touch him.  He smiled at ME!" 

While at the airport in New Orleans, Chris and Griffin met a couple of men from the cast of Swamp People. Here's the blog post on that. As you know, we love that show, but the first thing that I thought when Chris told me that they got the chance to meet him was, "what did they say to Griffin?  Were they kind to my son?" My next thought was, "wow, those guys just met my son. They are so blessed!" Because, yeah, my son is just that amazing to me. My little star. :-)  (and for the record, they were extremely kind)

Why are people so caught up in Hollywood?  What is the importance in it?  Pictures, posters, magazines, gossip, dying to know what's going on with this celebrity or that one.  Even though I could care less about meeting a celebrity, I love watching E T, so I'm preaching to myself here...but if you can get interested in a celebrity, what about shifting your interest into this little guy!  He was on my list of possible children to adopt.  Sad to have to say that, but yes, we had a list of children that we prayed over, and Ollie was on that list.  I have prayed over his picture numerous days, just as long as I have been committed to my Griffin.  He's definitely worth your attention!  I was so blessed to be in his presence for many days and the first time I physically laid eyes on him, my heart started pounding.  I was so excited and just wanted to rush over and meet him!   He is absolutely amazing and handsome.   The nanny let me shake his hand!  He smiled at me.  Yeah, and I was 'star struck' once again.  I wish I could have brought him home, too.  But he belongs to someone, some day.  He has a family out there somewhere but they just haven't found him yet.  I hope that he doesn't have to wait as long as Griffin did.  For every year that a child spends in an orphanage, it can take 6 months to recover from it.  So with Griffin, we are looking at 18 months of recovery and then we will see who the 'real' Griffin is.  From what I see of Griffin, though, and Ollie, is that they are both pretty amazing, as is!  Thankfully, these 2 boys have been in a good orphanage, and I saw first hand that Ollie had a nanny who seemed to genuinely care for him.  Praise God for that.

And speaking of God...He's at the top of my list of 'celebrities' that I can't wait to meet...along with Jesus...John the Baptist...and pretty much everyone in the bible...martyrs and missionaries, those who have given their lives for Christ.  That's where it's at, y'all.   Yeah, I'm doing a little soul cleaning and I don't think I'll be watching E T anymore. :-)  Convicted.

And speaking of being convicted, yeah, God is getting me good on not being in His Word as much as I should.  So I am making the commitment to read in Proverbs every day.  Example, if it's July 13, I will read Proverbs 13.  And as my friend suggested, if I can read more, I will read Psalm 13...and if I have even more time, I will read Psalm 113.  See the pattern?  The next day, I will move on to Proverbs 14, etc.  Want to join along?  I am going to read it to Big G over breakfast every morning.  I'm also going to try to start memorizing a new bible verse every week.  I'll start posting the verse on here so that you can join along in memorization, if you would like!

On a Griffin note, he has gained back 2 lbs of healthy weight!  He had dropped down to 20 lbs soon after getting him home, but it was because he was so impacted.  But now, he is back up to 22 lbs and filling out his PJ's nicely tonight! :-)

But anyway, thanks for following along with us and supporting us through this stressful but exciting time in our lives.  Our little boy is doing amazingly well and fitting right in.  Only God can do that.  He is pretty amazing.

Love and Hugs!!!

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