Sunday, July 22, 2012

As If It Were Yesterday...

I have been thinking a lot lately about Griffin's orphanage and it feels so much like we were there only yesterday.  I can still feel the breeze, smell the soup cooking in the kitchen, remember the exact thoughts I was thinking as I made my walk from the orphanage gate to the groupa door each day, still see the 3 little boys that moved to the edge of their playpen so that they could see us each day as we waited for our Griffin to be brought to us.  I'm not sure I will ever forget.  I'm not sure that it will ever start to fade.  I'm not sure that I ever want it to...because these reminders motivate me to help, to raise awareness, to find a way to change a child's life. 

I honestly don't have the words right now... just the memories that haunt me, inspire me, motivate me each day.

Ollie...sweet Ollie.  One day your family will find you.  Until then, I will pray continously for you.  And for the others who are there, waiting... I will pray for you, too.  Our Heavenly Father loves you.

Every child deserves a family.  No matter their needs.  No matter their condition.  No matter how many chromosomes they have.  Every child needs a mommy and a daddy.

Could you be that family?

Would I do this all over again, knowing then what I know now?  Absolutely.  No doubt about it.  Griffin is ours.

Is it hard?   Yeah, sometimes, but I never expected it to be easy!  I honestly have a harder time with Little G!

Does he fit in?  Yep.  As we figure him out, he is blending in more and more every day! 

Questions?  Please ask!

If you feel that God is calling you to adopt, listen.  Trust me, listen. 

Then obey...

Then go!

God doesn't make mistakes. 

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