Thursday, July 26, 2012

How You Know You Love Somebody

Maria's View- 

Today has been SO busy!  The day started off with Griffin and Chris going to the Pediatrician at 0715.  I was going to get up early and help him out but I was OUT.  I stumbled out of bed around 0650 and they were already gone.  <sad face>.   I actually got a great shower, painted my toe nails, brushed my hair while the girl Gs slept.  It was pretty nice!  Once the girls were awake, I fixed their breakfast and then snuggled with them.  It was nice to be able to give Little G some one on one time.  She definitely needs it from time to time and she was in a great and loving mood! 

Chris said that the pediatric appt went well.  She checked him over again and said that he looked good.  He is 21 1/2 pounds so we are still under the orphanage weight.  I don't see how because this little boy eats like there is no tomorrow!  She also insisted on putting in a Physical Therapy Referral because she thinks he needs it, (and he really does), but Dr. F (the behavioral specialist) doesn't want to overwhelm him with too much.  He wants to start with occupational therapy and then go from there.  So I am going to wait and talk to him before we go with PT simply because Dr. F is looking at it from every angle, not just from a physical health perspective, but from an emotional and mental one as well. 

Griffin had his cervical spine, flexion and extension xrays, to make sure his neck is strong and healthy.  He also had the very last of his labwork done today.  We will have to wait for the results but I think we are wrapping up our initial testing phase!  He has had so much blood drawn. 

We have our first occupational therapy (OT) appt schedule for Sept. 3, yep on Labor Day, off base.  We are looking forward to getting him started! 

But anyway, they got home at 10:30, and then I had to leave for an appt.   I kissed him on the forehead a few times while Chris was changing his diaper and left.  I didn't get back home until noon and he was down for his afternoon nap.  I promised Big G that I would take her to the pool and to the BX so we had to leave again at 2:30 while he was still sleeping.  I met someone at 3:00 to buy a used gated play yard to put around our TV to keep a certain little boy away from it.  We stayed out until 7:00, enjoying our time at the pool, bx, and dinner with our friends, Elena and CJ.  While we were doing all of these things, I kept thinking about Griffin and how much I missed him.  I hoped to myself that he may possibly still be awake when we got home but he was already tucked into bed.   It's so different now.  I have loved him from the very beginning, but as I have gotten to know him, my love has grown so much, just as my love grew for my girls after they were born.  When they were born, I instantly loved them, just as I instantly loved Griffin...but my love started growing and growing and growing! So yeah, I missed my little dude today.  A lot. To the point that my arms ached for him.  I guess that's how you know you love somebody, right?  Well, I certainly love him!


Now that I have gotten to know Griffin better, I can definitely tell a difference in how he acts at home and how he acts in public.  He acts more like the orphan we once knew when he's out and about.  When he's at home with us, he opens up, smiles so much, laughs, and plays.  It's almost like he draws himself back in when he's in public.  We really don't take him out a lot, except for the occasional visit at a friend's home, or trips to the doctor's office.  I worry about how his 3 night stay in the hospital will affect him next month.  One of us will be by his side the entire time and we are going to beg to get him out of there asap.

But anyway, I had great quality time with Little G this morning, a fun time with Big G this evening, and I will get my snuggles on with Griffin at 0630 tomorrow morning(which is his usual time to wake up)!

Sorry, this post may be a bit scattered but Big G is talking my ear off as I type this up!  I can't think straight!

More tomorrow!

Love and Hugs!


  1. Well, I think pushing the TV buttons is OT, isn't it? :)
    I think you are doing the right thing getting Griffin bonded to you before any of the other therapies. Just look at how much he has been able to do since he got home. You are doing a great job with him.

  2. LOL...well,he sure thinks it is!! Thank you! He is doing more and more every day!


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