Friday, July 27, 2012


I'm running behind tonight but I thought I would share with you some super cute things that Griffin has done today.

I asked him after lunch today if he was all done.  He threw his hands up in the air and signed 'all done'.  No hesitation!  He doesn't do this one regularly yet but I'm sure he will very soon!

At bath time, he discovered that he could lay himself down in the tub.  He LOVED it.  I would gently drag him through the water, doing my best to avoid making a tsunami.  He wanted to do it over and over again.  In the middle of all of this, he would start doing the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider.  So we would have to stop and sing it each time.

After we were done with bath time, he had a lot of energy and his mood was off the chart so I took advantage of it and kept him up longer than his bedtime.  I tossed him around on the couch a good bit to try to get some of the trapped water out of his ears...then we practiced walking.  He is doing so well and it seems like he wants to practice!  He will only walk to me now, so I have to pick him up and carry him back to Chris or Big G, so that he can walk back to me.  About midway a few times, he would feel the need to do Itsy Bitsy Spider.  He walked so much that his knees started buckling.  I thought he would stop but he would force himself to keep going.  I picked him up and rocked him for a bit but he wriggled out of my arms and started dancing. 

Chris and Big G went to his work and Big G got to watch her papa receive the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal for all of his volunteer work around the community.  Big G was proud of her papa, for sure.  Afterwards, they spend some time at the pool for a while. 

Little G was sweet today.  She gave lots of hugs to her siblings and I got a lot of snuggle time with her.  She usually doesn't slow down long enough for me to be able to do that.  It was so nice!

Tomorrow, we are meeting an adopting family in Frankfurt on their layover as they make their way to adopt their children!  We are going to go sightseeing.  Looking forward to meeting them! 

More tomorrow!


  1. I so look forward to, and enjoy your posts every day! You guys are a blessing and it's so awesome to see how far Griffin has come in so little time. Just wanted to let you know ya'll are in my prayers daily! And that family you guys are meeting are friends of mine! Have a great time! :) Hannah

  2. Thank you, Hannah!! We really appreciate those prayers!


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