Saturday, July 21, 2012

Having Papa Around...

Maria's View-

Today has gotten off to a fabulous start!  Dude started yelling in his crib at 0745 and Chris got up to take care of him.  You would think that I would sleep in, but nope, I stumbled out of bed 5 minutes later.  I guess I was just so tired because I caught myself just before I barged into Little G's bedroom!  I don't know what I was thinking!  (and I've done this before.)  Anyway, as I type this, it's 1000 and Little G is STILL asleep!  woo-hoo!!  When she sleeps in, it allows for me to have a little one on one time with Griffin, which is so helpful.

Chris had already started feeding Griffin a scrambled egg when I made it down stairs.  I went over to say good morning to him and he gave me the biggest smile!  I went into the kitchen and decided to whip up some waffles and every time I would step out of view, he would let out a screech.  I would pop back into view and wave and he would wave back at me!  After the waffles were made, I snuggled with the dude for awhile, sang songs, rocked him in the recliner, tickled him until he was exhausted!  It made me wonder if he ever got tickled in the orphanage.  Probably not.  He loves it, though!  After about 45 minutes of our recliner time, we practiced our walking.  He gave us the most steps ever!  I would say that he was giving around 8-10 steps!  But what was so amazing to us is this:
I propped him against the couch and walked way out from him.  He would begin walking.  He would stop for balance and if he fell too soon, he would get up on all 4s and back crawl to the couch again so that he could upright himself and begin again!  If he fell about midway, he would would get up on all 4s and stand on his own.  Before falling, he would always stop and try to find his balance.   He never gave up.  He always finished it, even if he was only about 2 steps from me, he would stand and walk the rest of the way.  He is such a determined little boy!  Honestly, I think he was showing off for his Papa! :-)  It's nice to have him around all day long.  If Griffin would find the confidence to do so (I think he will very soon), he could be walking all of the time.   I LOVE MY FAMILY!

Seems that Griffin has found his voice with the toothbrush.  Oh my word.  He use to give us zero problems when we would brush his teeth.  Now, he pitches a huge fit!  It all began when I started letting him attempt to brush his own teeth.  HMMMM...I've created a monster.  LOL.  So now he has his own toothbrush while I brush his teeth with a different toothbrush.  However, he still pitches a huge fit.  Another battle that Mommy will win!  He may as well surrender now.

So I colored my hair and actually straightened it today.  Amazing what a little time can do in a day!   I was shocked at how long my hair actually is when it's straight.  And wouldn't you know it would rain today.  So I will be all frizzy headed in about an hour.  But anyway... 

Have a great Saturday, y'all!!

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