Monday, July 30, 2012

Chris Found a New Hobby

Maria's View-

Poor dude. I feel so bad for him. Every single time he trips, slips, falls, plays, he will end up with a busted lip. It never fails. If he falls and starts to cry, I immediately know that he has busted his lip again without even looking at him. His front teeth are so crooked that they form a 'V' shape, so the outer edges of his front teeth are like little knives aimed right at his lips. You would never know his teeth were like that because his adorable chubby upper lip keeps you from seeing them, even when he smiles! But anyway, he took it upon himself this morning to just get up and walk (so proud of him), and wouldn't you know, he took a nose dive to the floor. I had Little G on the changing table so I couldn't rush over to him. He was crying and when he finally sat up, he had blood all over his mouth and it's the same spot over and over again.

I am so blessed with friends who are helping me out with getting Gracie to and from Vacation Bible School this week! One friend is taking her, the other one is bringing her out to the van for me to keep me from having to fight the crowd with a double stroller. Thanks, y'all!

I also have another wonderful friend who brought me some Red Velvet Cupcakes, homemade caramel apple dip, and some spinach dip this morning. Thanks, friend!!

Big G had a great time at VBS! She is in the same class with all of her friends so she is really enjoying herself.

Little G had her speech therapist (SP) over today.  She spoke with an occupational therapist (who will be coming out to see Little G soon) and based on all of Little G's symptoms, she is definitely hyposensitive.  So we are trying to focus on what may make her actually FEEL.  She can crash her head into a table, fall off the couch on her face, drop something on her foot, and you would never know it.  She doesn't feel it like we do.  This explains why I never know she has raging double ear infections or kidney infections, because she doesn't feel or maybe she just doesn't recognize the sensation as pain.  So we are trying to figure out this little cutie and find out what works for her.   She is also putting in a referral for medical speech therapy in addition to what Early Intervention will provide.  (Griffin will need this as well.)

After dinner tonight, I have a person coming over to teach me how to bind my quilt that I made 3 years ago! I'm so excited. It's so pretty (to me, lol) and I really want to use it, so I'm looking forward to finishing it up and passing it on to one of my girlies one day.  Next, I will be whipping up some more Giraffe Meats!  GM#2 is on it's last leg.   Then, I will work on a crib quilt for Little G that I set out to make while I was pregnant with her.   Love gettin' my sew on!  ;-)

Have a good evening, y'all!

Chris's View-

So I am a flip-flopper, I admit it.
I have bounced back and forth between hobbies but have never really found one that I felt suited me... that was until today.  I was at work and due to the nature of my job, I get to stare at news feeds from CNN & Fox News.  On CNN, I saw a clip from the Olympics that really caught my attention.  I don't listen to the stories usually, so when I grab my headset to listen to a story, it's a pretty catching thing.  This one was a recap of the 10 Meter Air Pistol matches at the Olympics.  Now, I don't remember who said it, but I read a quote that the Olympics makes people display so much Nationalism, that they will follow an obscure sport so in depth that it makes you wonder why they don't follow it for the next 4 years!  I am one of those guys... I will route for the uppity looking dude in the top hat during Dressage like he's my own brother out there going for an Olympic gold!  I will sit there and pretend that I know all the rules for field hockey.  I will get extremely mad when one of our water polo players calls for a foul and the ref doesn't see it our way!!  I will yell at my TV when one of our girls scores a goal and will shout "ka" right along side the 16 year old table tennis phenom!  But the 10 Meter Air Pistol event, while one of those obscure sports that not many people pay attention to except for every 4 years in the Summer, but I was in awe of these guys & girls.

For those who missed it.  These folks are shooting a pellet, pretty similar to the pellet guns that most of ya'll shot as a kid, at a target that is just under 7" x 7".  The center "10 Point" scoring section is tiny folks... smaller than a dime, so at 10 meters, it's smaller than a pin head.  This is pure skill!  No scopes, just open sights from 33 feet away, one handed.  It's a pretty impressive feat.  One of the things I read after seeing this clip, was that a guy taught a non-pro shooter in about 8 weeks to shoot as an expert in a 60 shot format.  Now, I'm not claiming I could go that fast, but I like to shoot.  There is something about it that calms me.  I can take the time to focus and shoot... there is something primal about it.

It's metal and wood.  It's gunpowder and explosions.  It's bullets (okay... pellets) and targets.  It's competition and one-up-manship.  It's all the things I like, but the average person can set up a range to shoot air pistol at their own home in way less than a day.  It's good too, cause there is only a small initial cost (unless you are buying a Olympic caliber pistol) and then it's like $9 for 500 shots.  That's pretty cheap for a hobby consumable.

I found myself gravitating back to Google searches for air pistol stuff this afternoon... so, it looks like I may have found a new hobby.  I have to look into what I have to do in Germany first though.

See ya'll later!

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