Sunday, July 15, 2012

He Signs 'More'!

So it only took 30 minutes to teach our son how to sign 'more' and it has made his meal times so much easier for him.  His food frustration has decreased drastically!  In the video, you will see that he wants to have my hands on his arms before he signs.  However, I'm not doing anything for him other than providing him the support that he wants.  My hands are not controlling his signing at all.  I hope to have him signing independently soon!  You will also notice that he grabs my hand after he signs because he wants to keep me close.  He is so adorable!  He is super excited in this video and I'm glad I captured it!

So proud of my sweet boy!

Enjoy!! (I just realized that it didn't load well and with our slow internet connection here in Germany it took us an hour to upload this!  I'll reload it tomorrow!)

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  1. Such a fun video! He looks so happy and trusting that the next spoonful will come. It's such a treat to watch bonding. As a mom I think I took it for granted.


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