Tuesday, July 10, 2012

If Only....

Last night, I was thinking... Griffin learned the concept of signing during 2 snack times... probably 30 mins of time.  If he learned to sign 'more' that quickly, can you imagine how much he would know if he had been given a chance for the past 3 years?  Today, I told him 'no' and he shook his head 'no'.  He is already understanding English.  We have a lot of catching up to do!

So, I had another "ah-ha!" moment today (as Tiffany would say ;-).  If I wash faces, brush teeth, and fix hair while they are still strapped into their highchair, life is MUCH easier!!!  (I can already hear my mom gagging.  Don't worry Moma...they were done eating and the high chair is completely clean. ha)  I don't have to chase Little G down!   Yeah, that's what I'm talking about!

Another "ah-ha" moment... I need to put the pack and play in the garage with some toys so that I can take one little one downstairs and into the pack and play, go back up, get the other, strap him/her in, and then go back for the one in the pack and play.  I made the mistake of carrying them both out and letting Little G roam free in the van while strapping Griffin in.  Bad decision.  I had to crawl through the back of the van to capture her.  I'm definitely going to be doing this ASAP.

My arms are killing me!  Getting them in and out of their car seats is taking it's toll on my biceps.  I guess doubling my normal load is catching up with me!  Well, carrying both of them downstairs yesterday equaled over half my body weight so that probably wasn't that smart.   I'm learning, y'all!

I have mastered the art of getting dressed and ready for the day in 15 minutes!  Amazing, huh?  Well, that's if I take my shower the night before.  Which means my hair is pretty bad in the morning...but Chris always says that I look my best when I'm natural!  I'll let y'all decide.  ha ha

***Disclaimer, okay, I did tease my hair.  maybe. :-)***


  1. LOL!!!! Too funny, girl!! Although, you are always beautiful and your children don't care if your hair is long/straight/curly/short/red/blue..... Ya know! They just LOVE their Momma just as she is! And to be honest.. So. Do. I! You are doing a great job, BFF!! XOXOX

  2. hehehe... you are too kind. really. I love you too, BFF!

  3. oh dear,,i almost thought u posted a pic of one the lil trolls from back in 1994..then i remembered,,they had neon hair.... u cant be goin an scarin folks all at once,,u got to ease that fright up on them,,lol
    jokin sweetie ur a wonderful mommy

  4. dear? sweetie? LOL. I've never heard you say those words before.


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