Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A New Look!

Thank you so much to Carter's mommy for giving our blog a new look!  I love it!  I kept the blue and green because, not only is it my favorite color combo, it's the exact colors that Griffin was wearing in the picture that stole my heart!  I asked for stars because I am constantly drawing them, if there is a pen and paper around, there is going to be stars  on it, just ask the people I live with!  All I had to do to get this new look was to donate to a child waiting for a family.  I chose this little guy.  And I'll choose him again and again and again.  He is in desperate need of a family.  I know the family who met him (personal friends of ours) and he is desperate in the worst way possible.  If you would like more information on him, please contact me!   If you can find a way to donate, please do.  Larger grants help a lot, so every dollar will add up!  Let's work together to find this little boy a home!

Little G is doing pretty good today.  She rarely ever expresses pain so I'm not too sure how she is actually feeling...but it appears that she may be on the mend.  I noticed that she is pulling on one of her ears today.  She had her follow up pediatric appt today and the doctor said that she has a double ear infection and it appears that one of her tubes is already falling out. (was placed in late March)  The other appears to be blocked by wax or the infection.  Her big toe is still pretty bad but should get better with the antibiotic.  The doctor said that we will treat it twice if it flares back up, and then the 3rd time will result in removal of the nail.  I had no idea that toddlers could get ingrown toe nails!  Poor little girl.  Her rash is more than likely a viral rash caused by the sore throat that the doctor discovered.  So it appears that she has 3-4 different things going on.  No fever, though! (knock on wood)

Chris is under the weather with a sinus cold.  He is currently passed out on the couch.  Poor guy.  Hopefully he will feel better ASAP.  One more work day for him before he has days off.

On the Griffin front, he has started doing the hand motions for "Itsy Bitsy Spider" all by himself!  He loves to do it and he initiates it.  I also noticed that he is choosing to walk over crawling sometimes!  Yesterday, I asked him if he wanted a bath and he stood up and walked to me!  Today, I asked if he was hungry, and again, he stood up and walked.  He is getting so brave!

I'm having a hard time with sippy cups.  I had the most similar sippy cup possible mailed to us and he doesn't like them at all.  However, he has no choice but to learn to use these cups!  I only have one of the kind that he uses (it came from his birth country) and I haven't been able to find any like it stateside or here in Germany.  I think his birth country is just behind the times because I use to use his favorite sippy cup with Big G over 6 years ago and the ones that I had mailed look to be a new model of the same kind.  My plan is to only offer him the new sippy cups during the day and give him his old one at night to make sure that he hydrates.

I took a walk with Big G today and I just can't believe that she will be in the 2nd grade.  When we moved here, she hadn't even started 4 year old PreK yet!  The years are going by way too fast!  Our village is extremely busy with traffic and we live on the main road.  On our walk, I let her guide the way, including crossing the busiest intersection.  She did so well!  It took us about 10 minutes to cross that intersection but she did it perfectly.  I never let her walk by herself but if she ever has to do it, at least I will know that she will be safe and vigilant.   Did I just say vigilant?  Yes, I did. :-)  Thanks, AFN (American Forces Network, our 'cable')!

But anyway, steaks and mashed potatoes tonight!  YUMMO.


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