Monday, July 23, 2012

Good Days and Not So Good Days

Maria's View-

So yeah, about my title, I'm so blessed to say that we haven't had any bad days with Griffin.  He does very well on a day to day basis.  But today, he has had a lot of food frustration.  I'm not sure why but it seems to be almost gone on some days and back full force on others.  Time will take care of the issue, I'm sure, so until then we will press on!

He starts off so well, signs 'more', very well, but something will just snap.  I can literally have the bite of food about to go into his mouth and he will just melt down.  I immediately put the food back on the plate, hoping that he will learn that screaming will not produce food for him, calmness will.  I won't put food in his mouth when he is screaming because I don't want him to get choked but I also don't want to reward the screams.  So I will wait until he is calm, ask him if he wants more food, he will sign 'more', and then I will let him have it.  Breaks my heart to see him struggle so much!  He has started rejecting certain foods now, which I am just thrilled over!   If he doesn't want a certain food, he will just push it calmly away with his hands.  So the screaming isn't related to not liking a food, it seems.

He did the cutest thing today.  I was sitting in the recliner and I had just rocked Little G while Griffin was laying in the middle of the floor.  He was playing with his bus and I called his name out, nothing.  Asked him to come to me, nothing.  I started singing his special rocking chair song that I made up just for him and he immediately jumped up on all fours and crawled over to be rocked.  He has selective hearing and a big streak of stubbornness!

Little G woke up with a painful, swollen big toe and I have no clue what is wrong with it.  She is even limping!  Since she has such a high tolerance to pain, she may have hurt it while playing yesterday and never made a sound.  I made a doctor's appt for her tomorrow and will get her checked out.  Bless her heart.    (An update on this, I typed this up around 1100 and it's 1800 now, Chris is on the way to the ER with her.  She now has a rash from head to toe and her toe is even worse.  Wondering if something bit her!)

By the way, be on the lookout for our blog makeover!  It will happen soon.  We had one of our adoption friends create something for us and in exchange, we have donated to one of our favorite RR kids!  I'll share more on this later!

But anyway, the speech therapist will be here any minute for Little G.  I better run!

Love and Hugs!

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