Tuesday, July 17, 2012

First Fever

Well, I could tell that Griffin was being a little more quiet than normal.  His nose has been a bit stuffier for the past 2 days as well so I had a feeling he was getting sick.  Sure enough, this evening he started running a fever.  I'm guessing that the stuffy nose may be a symptom but honestly, he's always a bit stuffy.  His temp only got up to 101 but I went ahead and gave him Tylenol.  Griffin refused his dinner and cried when I tried to get him to taste the food.  Very unlike him, as you well know!  I ended up getting a Buddy fruit pouch and a box of raisins in him, along with a sippy cup of juice.  First fevers are always kind of scary.  We will check him through the night and take him to the ER if we need to.

Isn't he just the cutest little guy?  He is the best snuggler ever!

Today was a huge day in the life of my BFF!  She and her husband went to court today and adopted a little boy who also has Ds.  I will post the link to their blog once they are able to go public again!  This little boy is absolutely adorable and we are all looking forward to meeting him in person!  Can't wait!  We have already determined that Griffin and Cooper will be best friends!  :-)

But anyway, please pray for our little dude.  Also, my BFF just told me that their newly adopted son is running a fever as well.  Please send up some prayers for them as well!  They have a lot of paper chasing and medical appts before they fly home.  I really hope that this is just a quick little cold for both of them.  Thank you so much!!!


  1. You just warm my heart, Maria Solomon!! I love you and and thank you for your post. Love our boys too!! What a sweet snuggler Griffin is!! XOXOX

  2. Aww, I'll pray for just a little cold or maybe teeth?

  3. oh sweet boy i hope you feel better quickly


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