Friday, August 17, 2012

Endoscopy Results are In!

So last night, the German doc gave me a call with the results from Griffin's endoscopy procedure to test for Celiac Disease.  Well, it's inconclusive.  <sigh>

The results show that he has an abundance of H. pylori and that can be the cause of the inflammation that they found in his duodenum.  His lab work is still showing that Celiac is a huge possibility but until we cure the inflammation from the H. pylori, we won't know for sure.  They want to retest him in 1 year.  That's a pretty long wait but we will be patient.  We were told to continue him on a normal diet and he will be given a medication for the H. pylori. 

As for the bone age study that they insisted on doing at the shows that his bone age is 2 to 2 1/2 years old instead of 3 1/2 years.  The doctor said that malnutrition may be the cause of this since we have a pretty good record of his birth.  This shouldn't change anything.

So as of right now, we are waiting on this German doc (who was pretty awesome, btw), to type up a letter, snail mail it to our pediatric clinic, wait for translation and review by Griffin's doctor, and then we can discuss his plan of action.

I have discovered that Griffin will drink milk if I put a tiny bit of chocolate syrup or cocoa in it.  All he has been drinking is diluted juice, so this is a small victory for us.  I'm not a fan of adding chocolate but I really feel that he needs milk, so we will keep it up!  I actually thought about adding Ovaltine instead of syrup so that he can at least get some vitamins or whatever Ovaltine has in it.  So I will take a look at that the next time we hit the commissary.

Little G has a stomach bug that started last night at bedtime.  It hasn't been a bad one, yet.  She isn't eating much, though, and that's so unlike her.  Griffin has been super fussy today which is totally unlike him.  He is normally a very peaceful little boy but every time I put him down, he will cry and fuss.  He's also very quick to get upset today if I'm not doing exactly what he wants. (which kind of cracks me up a bit.)  So I took advantage of this moment and started teaching him to sign 'please'.  I have introduced this one to him but I'm going to step it up a notch now.  So while I was rocking him and doing songs, I would make him sign 'please' before we started the song again.  (otherwise, he would start fussing)  It helped a lot, mainly because it was a distraction and I was still doing something with his hands...but I could feel him take the lead and rub his own chest to sign it.  Pretty proud of him!!!

I am noticing that his 12 month shirts are getting tighter and his belly is poking out the bottom!  He is still holding strong at 22 lbs, though.  I was telling Chris that he just looks older and bigger now!  I put a pair of 18 month shorts on him yesterday and he walked right out of them...So we still need 12 months on the bottom and 18 months on the top.

Tomorrow, Chris will blog about his routine with Griffin when I have to be out and about.  A blog friend would like to know more about how Griffin responds to others feeding him (thanks, friend!).  He does very well with both of us.  If he gets fussy with one of us, sometimes the other can step in and he will regroup and continue eating (this has only happened 2 times since having him home).  We've only had one babysitter for him since having him home and I fed him before I left, and instructed her to only give him a box of raisins and goldfish for snack.  Those are 2 snacks that we can spread out on his tray and he will safely and slowly feed himself.  We will continue to feed him between the 2 of us until we work through most of his food issues.  We are doing our best to prevent the need for anyone else to have to feed him a meal right now.  We want him to look to us for food and he's just not there yet.  He will take food from anyone, anywhere, no doubt about it.  He will try to eat rocks, wood chips, leaves, you name it.  We have to watch him like a hawk!  But honestly, this is all trial and error.  We don't know if we are doing everything exactly right but it seems to be working well for him.  Thank you for asking!  Questions are very welcome!

More tomorrow! :-)

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