Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day 3 in the Hospital-We are Home!

Maria's View-

Hi y'all!  Sorry for the lack of blog post last night.  No wifi at the hospital.  So yesterday, they managed to bump Griffin's endo procedure to 11:00.  He did amazingly well without food because of the IV, Praise God for that.  I did not want him to feel like he was suffering or being neglected. 

I woke up yesterday to find that Little G had been sick to her stomach, so naturally I thought she had a stomach bug.  I watched her all morning and nothing else happened so I guess she just had an upset tummy!  So relieved because I needed to relieve Chris and see my baby boy before his procedure.  Little G and I got there around 10:45 and he was lounging in his crib.  I walked over to him (he hadn't seem me in a little over 24 hours by this point) and held my arms out to him.  He came over to me and I picked him up.  He immediately started doing the motions to Itsy Bitsy Spider, ha ha... so at the very least, I'm the lady who performs his favorite song and he remembered me. :-)

We got there just in time because they took him down for his procedure at 11:00.  They had him for 2 hours before bringing him back to the room.  During this time, Little G and I had to go outside to get rid of her crazy energy!  She played pretty hard, rolling down hills, picking leaves off of the shrubs, running up and down the sidewalk, etc.  Makes me miss living in the country!  My kids at least need a yard to play in and our German house does not have that.  <sigh>


Dude slept for about 2 hours after they brought him to his room.   He woke up all croaky sounding due to the throat irritation from the scope so I asked if he could have his juice (very diluted juice at that.)  They said no, that juice was too strong for him, so they brought him tea.  And of course, he wouldn't drink any of it.  So they gave in and let him have his juice and he drank every drop.  He is so picky about his drinks!  After they saw that he did well with liquids, they brought his late lunch tray.  Ham slice, cheese slice, and broth.  He ate every bite and was signing 'more' like crazy!  A few hours later, they brought his dinner tray, and he ate every bite of that as well!  It was more like a chunk of bologna, cheese slice, cucumber salad.  He ate all of that as well, except for the salad.   Bed time rolled around and he was not tired at all.  He did sleep off and on but I kept hearing him tossing and turning, sucking on his fingers, chomping his teeth, etc.  I got up one time at 4:00AM to change his diaper and put some pants on him in case he was chilly.  He refuses to sleep with a blanket!  Around 7:00AM, he was ready for breakfast so they brought his tray soon after that and it was another bologna chunk!  However, this time, he wasn't that excited about it.  I had to get him started with his crescent roll and yogurt and then I got him to eat the bologna and cheese.  Time drug by because we were only waiting on them to release us.  The doctor came by (looking to be about 20 years old, lol) and said that he did well during the procedure and that there were no results to report at this time, except that he is very anemic.  He also explained that this could explain his small stature.  I explained to him that I really didn't think that he was fed meat at the orphanage so he said to just make sure he's getting it in his diet now and see if it improves.  I'll talk to his PCM about a multi-vitamin or something soon.  Around 2:00, they set us free!  Both of the little ones are down for naps and I'm about to snuggle up with Big G to ask her about her little life and VBS. 

I hope to find out results soon!  I'll let y'all know as soon as I do!

Love and Hugs!


  1. I'm so glad that it is done! So what did they bring you to eat since you had to pay to be there? lol I'm still shaking my head over that one!

  2. Well, we basically got the same thing as Griffin, just a larger portion (as far as theme goes)...when he got bologna and cheese, they gave me ham and cheese... or when he got meatloaf, I got beef stirfry... not sure their rhyme or reason. I was thankful for it, though, since the cafe was actually in a seperate building! We ended up having a double room all to ourselves so it was pretty large. That was nice!


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