Thursday, August 23, 2012

Okay God... Fill 'er Up!

Chris's View-

So, Maria said she has discussed this before, but it is totally worth a re-attack!

Last night we had dinner at Frijole's Mexican Restaurant at Vogelweh.  Wednesday is Kid's Night, so they get to eat free, plus I get an Air Force Club Member discount, plus I got a punch on our card to get money back... yes, we be thrifty!  LOL!  We love having dinner with the Copous family.  They, along with other families that we have met across the course of our nearly 4 years here, are our German family.  We don't know what we'd do without them!  They complete our European experience!

The Copous family is a larger family, there's Papa Joe & his wife, their oldest son, and the twins.  We all hit it off real well, and honestly, we consider their kids, our kids.  Additionally, they brought a neighbor's child (okay, she was a tween? I guess).  Anyway, as I sat there, feeding Little G, I glanced down the table, which ran the length of the restaurant, and felt content!  It was chaos, but it was a loving-chaos... one that you can live with, and be comfortable in, and desire.  There were 12 people at our table.  It was awesome!  It was better than a work party, more like a family reunion!  Especially when topics of discussion are about "normal" families!  LOL!

Okay, I'm getting to the point.  We bought a van, a Toyota Swagger Wagon (LOL!), when I came home from Korea.  We got asked why, since it was just me, Maria & Big G at that time.  We bought our van for God to fill 'er up!  We knew we wanted a big family... honestly, I would love to have a dozen!  I know that sometimes those wants are not what God gives us though.  We felt God was preparing us for more children though, so we bought the van preparing for rain.

I just lost some of ya'll.  "Huh... preparing for rain?" you ask, "Don't you mean children, Chris?"  Yes, of course I mean children, but that was a quote from one of my favorite Christian movies, Facing the Giants... it's also a great football movie!  It's more than that though... it's a good swift kick in the pants for many of us.  I watch it religiously (pun intended) and am always recharged by it's message.  In the movie, a story is relayed of two farmers who needed rain for their crops.  One farmer did nothing, while the other farmer placed his worries & cares in God's hands while showing faith that God would deliver the rain they so desperately needed.

After miscarriages, I was unsure if we'd have another child.  It really takes it's toll on the psyche.  I know I felt it weighing heavy on me, and I know it was 100 times worse for Maria.  Deep down inside, I knew God was not finished with us yet.  We prepared our field for rain... we bought our van on faith, knowing God would fill it up, in His way & His time. Then came Little G, then Middle G!  Now we are nearly full in our van, and never again will I question if God will provide for my family!

Several times we have sat trying to figure out how to go visit places around Europe with our friend's families... with our German family.  That is what hit me last night... while we may not be able to travel all together without renting a tour bus, I wouldn't have it any other way. 

May have to watch Facing the Giants tonight... who's with me?!?!?!

See ya'll later!


  1. Woot! Adopting again or are you pregnant?!

  2. Loved this blog post Chris! I don't know why it always warms my heart when we get to hear the Husband's & Daddy's prospective on things! I could read ur post all day long. I bring it home and it's just real the way U just say it like it is! I am so proud of U and Maria and ur big hearts. God does indeed have great blessings in store for ur precious family! The more blessings, the more He promises to meet the need of all those blessings! Mama Dee luvs yall so much!

  3. Crying now. I have my little Hadassah's room ready...her clothes are hanging in the closet and folded away in her dresser drawer. And I will wait upon the Lord to send the 'rain'...His timing and judgement are perfect.

    Love you guys...

  4. Thanks y'all! We love y'all, too!!! <3

    Sonja, praying for you continously! <<>> God certainly knows the reasons. Love you!

    And no! Not pregnant or adopting in the near future! We do want more children, though, but the timing just isn't right! (unless God thinks it is. lol)


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