Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 1 of Hospital Stay

Hey y'all!  Nothing really to report, other than lots of pre-op appts.  I have been taking care of the girls while Chris has been at the hospital with Griffin.

They are giving him IV fluids with sugars to help with the hunger that he will start feeling tomorrow since they are not doing his procedure until 1:00 in the afternoon!!!  They told Chris that they will try to work him in sooner but that he needs to be ready, therefore no foods after midnight.  Poor little sweetie!   I will trade off with him in the morning or right after the procedure, depending on how tired Chris is. 

I had a total mom fail moment today... I had to run errands this morning (with a migraine) and as I was wrapping everything up so that I could go get Big G from bible school, I left my keys beside the car seat while I was strapping Little G in.  I heard the lock click automatically right as I let go of the door and realized instantly that my keys were still on the seat!  Little G was in the van with my keys!  I didn't panic but I just kind of froze for a minute... Chris couldn't help me out, he was admitting Griffin during that time.  The nearest locksmith was going to take at least 30 mins to show up.  I called the police station on base and they directed me to the fire dept. and they came out and opened the van up for me.  (Thankfully, my phone was in my pocket!)  Little G was just fine (she was in the van for about 20 mins or so) and when the fireman opened up her door, Little G yelled out, "uh oh!"  LOL.  Yep.  Definitely an uh-oh moment for mommy.   I have trained myself to keep my keys in my pocket for this very reason because my van will just randomly lock the doors.  I've always been extremely cautious of this and wouldn't you know, the one day that I lay the keys on the seat, Big G wouldn't be in the van to unlock the doors for me.  Lesson learned.  I really appreciate the fire dept.!!!

On a medical note- We are having his procedure done off base at a German hospital.  The doctor insisted on doing a bone age hand x-ray study to determine if he is really 3 years old, even though we have his birth certificate.  I'm not exactly sure why they would need to prove this in order to do his endoscopy because a 20 lb child would have to be medicated and treated like a 20 lb child, right?

But anyway, please say a prayer for our little boy whenever he crosses your mind!  Hopefully the IV will help his hunger...and prayerfully he will do wonderfully during the procedure.

Thank you so much!!!


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