Monday, August 6, 2012

Tomorrow Begins Griffin's Hospital Stay...

Maria's View-

Here's the schedule...
Tuesday-check in at 0800 for preop...Chris and Griffin will stay overnight. (makes zero sense)
Wednesday-endoscopy procedure (not sure what time yet)...I will stay overnight.

Griffin will be admitted for an upper GI endoscopy procedure where they will confirm Celiac Disease... (his referral paperwork states "to confirm"... I guess they want to confirm it because his blood work was off the chart positive for Celiac.) 

Griffin has never been sedated before so please pray that he will do well and also that he will NOT have Celiac Disease! 

On a sweet note-  Griffin has gotten so use to me kissing his forehead that he will actually lean his forehead in when I start making my kissing sounds.  PRECIOUS!

On a Little G note-  The speech therapist was here today and she got her to say 'mouse'!  Well, it came out 'mou' and she only said it once, but it's progress!  :-)  

Sorry to keep this short and sweet but I have to get my guys packed up for their hospital stay and I also have an episode of Army Wives waiting on me! 

I'll keep y'all updated!!

Thank you for your prayers!


  1. Just wanted you to know I'm praying for Griffin and the whole family while you are back and forth to the hospital.


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