Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Little Monkey

So, I have a little escape artist on my hands.  2 to be exact.  I have practically gated the entire perimeter of my living room with two of those big play yards, joined to make one huge one, in order to keep Griffin away from the electronics and curtains, and to also keep them in the living room where everything is 100% Griffin-proofed.  Little G isn't too bad with things but Griffin loves to explore everything. 

Occasionally,  Big G someone will 'accidently' leave the gate open and before long, out comes Little G running full force and Griffin toddling through like a monkey, with his arms up in the air, swaying back and forth with his straight-legged monkey walk.  He even sounds like a monkey by squeaking out "ah ah ah!"  So cute.  When I round them back up, they are quite disappointed, but it has to be done.  Little G will no doubt make her way to the kitchen to beg for a snack, even though she has had plenty to eat, and Griffin will go straight to the Roomba.

Yesterday, I was standing on the freedom side of the gate, and called for Griffin.  As I waited for him to toddle on over, iCarly caught my attention.  So as I was standing there watching that, with my hands placed on the gate, Griffin had finally reached me.  Instead of scooping him up like I normally do, I continued to watch another minute of iCarly (yeah, ok, Swamp People are on break right now and iCarly is my latest guilty pleasure, thanks to Big G), I felt his little hand on mine.  I glanced down at him to see what he was going to do, and he lifted my hand up and placed it on the gate handle.  Let me tell you, this little boy doesn't miss ANYTHING.  He is incredibly smart and I absolutely love watching him reveal his brilliantness to me.  (is that even a word?)

Little G is feeling much better...I'd say her tummy is 100% back on track.  However, for the past 4 days, this little girl has taken 6 hour naps!  Yes, you read that right, 6 HOUR naps!  If she keeps this up, I'll call the nurse at our Pediatric clinic (she's on speed dial these days) and ask them to give her a check up.  She loves her naps because she still gets her pacifier during that time, but she doesn't love naps THAT much!  I'll give her a few more days to see if she goes back to her regular 2 hour nap.  (and yes, she is still going right back to sleep at her normal 7:30 bedtime!)

Griffin had an issue 2 days ago where he lost all desire to sign 'more' for his food for the day.  Signing 'more' shows me how strong his desire is to eat.  If he really loves something or is very hungry, his signing is powerful.  If the food is ok or not his favorite, he will weakly sign it...I just knew he was getting sick, but nothing ever presented itself.  He seems to be back on track now, too.  And just so you know, this little dude was pounding his fists together today for Mac and Cheese!  Finally, I have someone who will enjoy Mac and Cheese with me!  Yeah!  Oh!!  Ovaltine and warm milk is a huge hit with Griffin!  He drank 2 cup fulls this morning! 

Big G starts school on Monday!  She is so excited!  We found out who her teacher is going to be and we are thrilled!  Her kindergarten teacher is now teaching 2nd grade and she is going to be in her class again!  We are both excited!  I really liked her a lot and I am excited to see if I can volunteer in her classroom this year, since I was unable to do much during kindergarten due to the birth of Little G.  Big G picked her outfit out all by herself and she's ready to go...especially now that she knows and loves her teacher!  

But anyway, we're wrapping summer up this weekend.  I took Big G and her friend to see an onstage performance of Pinkalicious and it was a lot of fun.  Tonight, we are going to the school to check out her classroom list to see if any of her friends are in her class.  Tomorrow, church and family time.

Love and Hugs!!

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