Thursday, August 2, 2012

Giraffe Meat #3

So today, I FINALLY sat down and whipped Griffin up another Giraffe Meat!  I have a few people who would like one for their little ones so I am going to make a batch with some extras to have on hand!  Griffin LOVED his new GM.  He has been slightly grumpy today because I think he is catching a cold, but his mood improved instantly when I put this new one in his hands.  So cute!  GM already needs a bath too... He 'fed' him some bananas.  :-)

I made Little G one, too!  Actually, Griffin's GM#2 is actually Little G's first one.  Chris was desperate for a new one in case he couldn't get GM#1 from the orphanage on the return trip after the 10 day wait.  I didn't have time to actually make him a new one so I gave him Little G's.  Worked out perfectly!  Little G isn't as fond of them as Griffin is. 

Griffin is walking so well now!  I would say that he is walking 99% of the time!  That's pretty awesome, considering that when he arrived home toward the middle of June, he was only taking 3 steps!   He is very unstable though and it doesn't take much for him to fall.  Little G takes advantage of that by "bumping" into him when he starts to get on her nerves.   Such a stinker!   He is continuing to build more muscle in his legs and hips so he will be walking like a pro in no time!  

One more day of VBS for Big G!  She is having a great time... She had a play date with her twin friends after VBS today and had a blast.   (This was crazy hair day)

On an aggravating note, my hubby's truck got vandalized overnight.  It was parked at the mechanic's shop in the parking lot.  Somebody busted the passenger window but didn't steal anything.  Just meanness, I guess.  Sad. 

But anyway, time to snuggle up with Big G and the hubs for a little movie time.

Love and Hugs!

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