Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Big G's First Day of 2nd Grade/Griffin's Dental

Yesterday was a great day for our Big G.  She had a blast in 2nd grade, so much that she didn't want to come home!  I enjoyed school in my younger years but not like that.   She said that she made a new friend and that her favorite part of the day was spelling.  I just can't believe she is already in 2nd grade.  When we first arrived in Germany, she was finishing up 3s PreK!  I just can't believe it.  Time just needs to slow down.

Gracie picked her 'back to school' outfit and she chose the dress that she wore from the pictures on the last blog post.  She is such a girlie girl!  Loves dresses but I have always despised them...so I really don't get it!  I just love her.  She has such a sweet heart and kind spirit, loving to her brother and sister, even though her sister always wants to pull her hair.  I just love everything about her.

Yesterday, Griffin did 2 firsts!  First off, he gave me a REAL hug!  He hugged me a few times during the day and let me tell you, those hugs are amazing!  Complete with back patting, rubbing my hair, and jibber jabber as if he's soothing me.  I love it.  I had goosebumps that lasted a good 5 minutes after the first hug he gave me! 

Secondly, Griffin can stop the bathtub drain!  I gave him a long bath last night for some extra play time and when I felt that bath time should come to an end, I twisted the knob to let the water out.  These German tubs are different in that the knob to let water out is about as big as my palm and pretty hard to turn!  The second that he heard the water start to leave, he scooted down to the drain, put his little hand on the knob, which was just a tiny bit larger than the knob, and was able to grip it just enough to stop the drain.  He then scooted back to his normal place in the tub and continued to play.  We did this over and over again because I just thought it was super cute! 

Something funny that Little G did the other day...she has gotten pretty good at blowing her nose, which I think is pretty amazing for someone so young!  About 2 days ago, Griffin received a gift in the mail and it was clothing.  I thought Little G was just admiring everything he got, but she picked up Griffin's new pair of jeans and blew her nose all over them before I could stop her!  haha.  She seriously cracks me up. 

Lately, Little G has been sleeping odd hours so she misses at least one, sometimes two meals.  So what I have been doing is fixing her plate and covering it with foil.  She LOVES this.  The second she notices it on her tray, her eyes get huge with excitement and she starts pointing and saying "yessssss", so I will put her in her high chair and let her rip the foil off.  I promise, she enjoys this more than opening gifts under a Christmas tree!  haha.  Makes me feel like I'm doing something right.

So Griffin had his dental cleaning today and did great!  Well, Chris took him, so I'm not sure the extent of his tears but Chris said he did well and only bit the dentist a few times.  haha.  She said that his dental hygiene is excellent and to keep doing what we are doing.   yeah!  So apparently, his teeth were brushed pretty well in the orphanage, unless his teeth are made of steel!  Chris texted this picture to me of Griffin before his appointment.  Apparently the dentist let him open up the drawers in her office to break the ice and he grabbed a handful of toothbrushes and tried to make his escape!  Chris said that once he was away from the dentist, he threw them up in the air and laughed hysterically.   Funny!

Big G is on the way to her dentist now with her Papa, while I watch the little ones.  I'm pretty sure she will do well, too!  Little G and Griffin are down for a nap and I'm about to take one, too!

I guess that's enough rambling for today.  Have a good one, y'all!  And to my family and friends down south, please stay safe in the storm!  My prayers are with y'all!  <<<HUGS>>>

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