Sunday, August 26, 2012

Funny to me/Pictures

Chris's View-

This month has been pretty great!

Since we got back after completing the adoption, we had not been able to make it back to church.  I have been working every Sunday until this month.  This month though, we have got to go to church every Sunday morning.  It's nice being back in God's house, and it's good to get "fed" with the congregation again.  Yes, while I know we are supposed to pray & study on our own when we cannot make it to church, it is good to be back in the fellowship of believers again.

Some pretty cool things have happened regarding church, even while we were out on our initial visit to Griffin's country.  I found a DVD that I spoke about before, called IndoctriNATION.  It's a documentary about the state of the American education system in regards to Christianity, and basically details the history of removal of Christianity from the classrooms.  Well, right before we left to go get Griffin, our new pastor arrived to the church, and low & behold, he is in the documentary!  I brought it up to him and he was surprised.  I delivered the DVD to him today to see his cameo.  He told me a little about what he thought it might be.

For about 4 years, a group within the Southern Baptist Convention felt that it was time for families to remove their children from the public schools, and switch to either private, Christian schools, or even better, home schooling.  He was on the opposite side of this view, and each of the 4 years, he voiced his stance on the floor at the annual Southern Baptist Convention meeting.  I told him that that was exactly what the DVD was showing.  Look at us... getting God's Word from a movie star!  LOL!

The funniest thing happened this morning when I dropped off the littles at Sunday School.  Little G walked in by herself for the first time ever... not a tear, not one ounce of hesitation.  She flung the gate opened and announced her presence!  It was very diva & so unlike her... yes, she acts like a diva sometimes, hence the nickname Diva Dee, but she would NEVER dream of doing this!  She was a champ this morning though.  I walked Griffin in and stood him by the toys he normally plays with.  As I stood back up, the lady who was over the class today asked, "Is this the Solomon twins?"  I replied, "Nope."  She looked at me funny and asked, "Solomon?  Right?"  "Yes, but they are not twins, Little G is 2 (almost), and Griffin is 3."  It made me laugh.  We knew we would get this some.  What made it funny was the look on the lady's face.  She was sure they were twins.  They are close in size... uh, no, not really, Little G is a full head taller than Griffin is.  I don't think they look anything alike, but I guess both of these things are not requirements to be twins.  I think what may have prompted the twins comment is our doing.  We have matching back packs for them... well, by matching I mean they are the same style.  Little G's is Disney Princesses, and are Griffin's is Batman.  I guess it could also have something to with them being in the same class, which I guess is uncommon for siblings, unless they are twins.  Anyway, I thought it was pretty funny.

About two weeks ago, we did summer pictures of the kids at Nanstein Castle ruins in Landstuhl.  It will be the last time for a while that we do pictures of our own kids!  It is so stressful & the kids just want to be held by us and it was extremely hard to get any pictures.  Little G put on her best Diva impersonation, but we got at least a few good ones!  LOL!  Griffin was very inquisitive, and continued his mellow manner.  Big G is growing so fast & is becoming more & more beautiful as the years pass.  It's hard to believe that she starts 2nd Grade tomorrow!  Does anyone know where the brakes are to keep this kid from growing up too fast?!?!?!

Enjoy the pics... see ya'll later!

Maria's View-

Okay, y'all may or may not know that I do photography, mostly as a hobby.  I have never in my life had a family give me more grief and stress than photographing my own!  haha.  I don't even try to tackle our family portraits anymore and will pay our photographer to do some great autumn pictures of us in October.  So excited about that! 

As I was working with the pictures last night, I couldn't help but laugh at all of Little G's faces and personalities.  I knew when I was taking them, that even though she was screaming her brains out, I would love them.  And I do.  Very much.  I posted a couple of funny ones, too.

Love and Hugs!

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  1. The last picture is priceless! So DONE with the pictures!


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